Meet the Racing Expert from Bath Who’s Helping Investors turn


into a 249.3% return… and single pay-outs of as much as £1,000+!

“YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thanks to your recommendation, Jim Crowley just made me £1K better off” – Robert Torr

I have never in my life won so much money in one go... you have absolutely no idea of what it feels like.” – Pam Edgington

“I can’t complain with a £600 return for the summer” – Mark


Dear Reader,

Imagine if you could invest £750 right now…

Then see £2,500 or more in your bank account at the end of this year, entirely TAX-FREE.

All thanks to a simple ‘cut-and-paste’ job on your computer that takes less than 10 minutes each evening.

You could spend that £2,500 gain on holidays, big nights out, a new car – or reinvest it so that you make even more money the following year.

And compare that to any other investment…

A 249.3%+ return would far outstrip what that money would make in a savings account… an ISA…. the FTSE…  an investment fund….

Even a Victorian townhouse in London!

It’s the kind of return that would make the greatest Forex Trader’s head explode!

Yet this is what a small syndicate of UK investors achieved last year… quietly, methodically and without any fanfare.

These were ordinary people gathered using an invitation just like this one you are reading now.

Following simple daily instructions they made their gains by exploiting statistical flaws in the British horse racing market, created by bad bets.

By ‘bad bets’ I mean…

...ill-informed, emotional ‘hunch’ bets that the majority of punters make.

...encouraged by bookies who offer juicy prices and FREE BETS to lure them in...

...which create excess VALUE which you can turn into profit... if you continually exploit it in a cold, calculated way.

You see, the odds set by bookies are based on how the masses bet rather than the statistically truthful likelihood of the outcome.

The more money flooding into the market from these biased, emotional bets... the more money to be made by those who have the stats to know the TRUE likely outcome. Using massive databases of stats they can spot differences between the true odds and the stated odds… then scalp the difference.

This is how The Syndicate, headed by Miles Tredwell, has notched up 287.947 points profit since it launched in February 2015.

On top of that, members made another 100.875 points by exploiting those free bets offered by bookies.

The gains were steady and incremental, like any good investment strategy…
…All based on research, analysis, form, history and solid data.

No big gambles. Strictly controlled risks. And no emotional or ‘greedy’ betting whatsoever.

A bit boring for an adrenalin junkie gambler, maybe…

But despite this, Syndicate members were also able to draw out some hefty single payments from 420+ individual winners including…

Biggest of all was the tip on Jim Crowley in the 2016 Flat Jockey Championship which romped home at 50/1.

So it’s no wonder the Syndicate’s members were delighted…

“YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Thanks to your recommendation, Jim Crowley just made me £1K better off… I’ll be re-investing in future bets (might enjoy a little of it though)”
– Robert Torr

“I can’t complain with a £600 return for the summer”
– Mark

“This is the best betting advice I’ve ever had and I hope it will continue. Can’t thank you enough.”
– MikeC

“With your info for Cheltenham and Aintree along with some of my own picks I was 19+ points up for Cheltenham and around 16 points profit for Aintree.  Not life changing but very satisfactory!”
– Dougie Allan

“As an Octogenarian, very careful with my pension I have to say today I am on cloud 9 – I have never in my life won so much money in one go ....  you have absolutely no idea of what it feels like.”
– Pam Edgington

Being part of The Syndicate is like having a sensible, super high interest bank account that grows every month...

But that also chucks you big bonus pay-outs from time to time. 

Today you have an opportunity to join the Syndicate on a “no commitment” trial basis.

If you get one of the available places you can put all the bets to the test for the first month without risking a penny of your hard earned cash.

We can’t offer this opportunity to everybody however, so once membership is full the doors will close and there’s no telling when, or even if, they will be re-opened!

This is a great opportunity to find out if the Syndicate is right for you. Try the simple daily recommendations for the next 30 days and see how much you make.

To give you an idea of what to expect, look at this chart of the Syndicate’s performance following each bet as it happened... (that’s every bet, by the way, winners and losers).


As you can see, we could have steadily increased your money over the long term.

A £750 bank would have risen to £4500 in 2 years…

That's a 500% gain.

In the last year alone (2016-2017) the Syndicate made +146.685 points on our regular bets.

...then another +33.125 points from FREE bets.

With an advised starting bank of 75 points that's a 239.7% return in a year.

Compare that to your returns in 2016 from bank savings… a stock market index tracker... property or an ISA...


Of course, I’m not saying this comparison is like-for-like – we’re looking at apples and oranges here. With the chance for bigger gains comes bigger risk to your investment capital.

You see, a lot of people see the betting market as ‘risky’, but if you invest systematically, using sensible staking, it’s no riskier than putting your money into stocks or currencies.

But ours is not really a gambling system. It’s a long term investment that works on careful analysis, trends and statistics, just as any trader or investor would use.

…Except our liquid marketplace is the gigantic UK racing market.

And this is a hell of a lot more fun.

Particularly if you like to bet on horses!

If you already bet then the Syndicate is something you can run profitably alongside any other system, tipster or method you use right now. After all, it takes just 10 minutes to set up and leave your bets to run.

But to profit from the Syndicate you don’t need any race knowledge or betting experience at all.  You don’t need to know anything about form or trainers… or watch a single race.

This isn’t about the thrill of chasing jackpots or waving a betting slip in the air as horses thunder past.

It’s about following a simple set of instructions sent every weekday at 7pm…

A few clicks of the mouse and you’re set up for the next day’s races…

10 minutes later you can walk away and do something else.

With this ‘set up and leave’ method, you don’t need to screen-watch or stay glued to the races. You don’t need to trade your bets or do any research at all.

As part of the Syndicate, everything is done for you.

This means you can potentially double your investment bank every few months for just 10 minutes at your computer each day.

Here’s Syndicate member John Bell:

“I knew nothing about horses...”

“To be honest, I knew nothing about horses other than they have four legs and grass goes in one end and political promises come out the other.

I've recovered my initial outlay, subscription costs and I'm playing with someone else's money. And as Grandpa said, if it's working, don't mess with it.

It's working very nicely.

Great service, nice people, quality results and a healthy bank balance. That and a beer works for me. Cheers guys”

– John Bell

If you like the idea of growing a nest-egg to take the financial pressure off, then we love to hear from you.

We are more profitable than the stock market, tracker funds or ISAs

But let us prove it to you.

Doors are open to join for a 30 day trial.

Yes, let me try out The Syndicate for 30 days

Or you might be a little reticent.  

This is fair enough….

I'm sure you've seen a lot of betting systems and investment strategies in your time.

If you're sick of seeing fly-by-night tipsters making big promises they can't keep, we're with you 100%

These chancers are everywhere. There are a lot of them on Twitter, for instance, showing off big cherry-picked figures that can't possibly be true.

You always have to ask….

So let me put your mind at rest…

Introducing the men behind The Syndicate

My name is Matt Houghton and I’m the editor of a service called The Betting Rant.

For the past 7 years I’ve written to thousands of race bettors from all over the UK. I’ve analysed races, trialled new systems and researched new strategies.

I’ve learned that if you want to invest all year round in racing, you need more than just one system from one expert.

The ultimate service has to be one where specialists combine forces and data.

That’s when I decided to create The Syndicate: a way for ordinary bettors to build a realistic, LASTING second income from British horse racing.

It’s based on the principles of the most successful syndicate ever, run by Alan Woods. Along with his friend Bill Benter, he developed a model for clever, calculated betting based on hard statistics, close analysis of trends and cold facts.

Using this statistical power he could exploit the BAD BETS made by the majority of punters. As Monthly magazine said:

“Alan’s success depends as much on the misinformation, blind loyalty, poor analysis and binge drinking of the average punter as it does on his own meticulous preparation.”

Even more crucially, Woods followed his system like an expert investor.

To get rid of emotional bias, he never went to the race track. Not once. Racetracks were for punters.

And he wasn’t a punter.

For Woods, betting was an investment strategy based on numbers, probabilities, and hard data, crunched on a computer.

Woods has passed away, but I was fortunate enough to have been live trialling somebody who uses the same cold, statistical methodology – with amazing results.

Introducing Miles Tredwell – five successful years of live trialled results

The expert I picked to lead the Syndicate was Miles Tredwell.

Here is a guy who has PROVEN skills…

To date, Miles has had five years of published live-trialled results. If you include his performance BEFORE the Syndicate began he has delivered results like these….

With Miles there’s no cherry picking and no hiding behind theories .These are all verified, tested, live tips made to real people like these:

Very nice 16/1 winner today, well done Miles!
– David James

Been grafting away all day, and having just logged onto my bookies account found a lovely surprise. Plus I got a 1.5 point price boost too. Happy days.
– Ian Waddilove

Hi, just to let you know, I have just started beting again after many years of saying never again,and I am very impressed with your tips,and approach,showing a profit thank you very much.
– Frank Mclaughlin

Thanks Miles. Just over a 100 point return for me.
– Peter Knight

Hi Miles, What a lovely return from Ayr this afternoon.
Well done.
– Derek Shears

With Miles there's no cherry picking and no hiding behind theories.

And since the Syndicate launched, with Miles at the helm, in February 2015, his run of results has continued…

We've also had great results from major race events throughout the year. For instance, in just three days of the Aintree Grand National meeting in 2017 we produced a 27.53 point profit… or 140% return on your money.

This included winners at 12/1 and 18/1 and the Grand National 3rd each-way at33/1.

And in a brilliant run during August to October 2016 the Syndicate made 145.051 points profit.

The reason for this success?

While Miles and I would love to say that we have a godlike genius for predicting race outcomes, that's just not true.

It's all down to the methodology, a combination of…

Race analysis, video watching, form, track and race histories – as well as evidence of punter bias

The Syndicate takes an analytical approach to races, looking at every element of form for EVERY RACE you bet on… but far beyond the stats you get in form guides or the Racing Post. We dig down hard into the deepest statistics to give you the true probabilities before each race.

We follow stringent rules and a precise staking plan to make sure we’re never swayed by emotion.

We don’t chase losses or seek big jackpots.

We don’t try to “fleece the bookie” (it never works).

We make our money purely by exploiting the BAD BETS made by the majority of punters.

When you spot blips between the TRUE statistical likely outcome and prices based on EMOTIONAL BIAS….

That’s when you find value… and that’s when the odds become tilted in your favour.

Here’s an example of some value we found on the Flat Jockey Championship on August 6th 2016…

Silvestre De Sousa leads the Jockey Championship but is on a dreadful run at the moment.

Ryan Moore is second but injured and James Doyle has moved up to third after a good July aided by the suspension of William Buick for 30 days as he stood in on many rides during this period.

With his fellow Godolphin retained rider back in the saddle that progress is likely to slow down.

Meanwhile Jim Crowley has zoomed up to fourth and is now just 9 winners behind De Sousa.

He’s gained 10 on the leader in the last three weeks and a further 10 in the fortnight before when De Sousa was suspended. The Champion has the threat of further suspension hanging over him if repeating whip offenses.

With Crowley full of confidence and riding for stables bang in form and De Sousa not, this is a 50/1 shot that has a much better chance of success than the odds suggest.

As a result we bagged a 50/1 win!

In systematically exploiting value like this we can deliver members a steady return on investment. Every time you bet on a race, you’ll have an advantage over the herd. Their reckless, biased and ill-informed bets are your bread and butter.

Yes, there are losses. That’s absolutely inevitable. But if you’re constantly betting on value, then you your losses will be off-set by the wins.

And we’ve proved that with our results.

So if you’re looking to hit big jackpot wins where you turn £100s into £1000s overnight, this isn’t for you.

But if you like the idea of using the race markets to create a small but steadily growing source of income, then this is for you. All you need is 10 minutes each day, an internet connection, and a willingness to follow the clear instructions.

You could soon join Syndicate members like these….

“What a brilliant end to the week... £146 for £1 a line”
– Sarah Young

Thanks for the tips today, as well as the individual bets I put them in a treble and had a really good win.
Thanks again and happy New Year.
– Janet Mcdonald

“Had a very enjoyable and profitable week... off to the pub now to spend some of the winnings”
– Rick G

“As a complete novice, I have learned so much from being a member... Thanks for the brilliant service and effort you have put into this to make it so successful... Spanked the bookies, as they say.”
– T.H

However, this is NOT an open invitation...

I don’t want places to go to people who don’t fit the bill – tyre-kickers, ‘free trial’ junkies or people with unrealistic expectations.

So before you take up one of the places, I need you to answer these questions.

Are you genuinely looking for a way to add an extra income stream?

The Syndicate could earn you a return of 15%-25% on your money each month. Over 6 months you should be able to double a starting bank of £1,000 – and that’s without reinvesting your returns into a bigger betting bank. But you need to understand there are no big jackpots, no adrenalin-fuelled risks and no chance-taking. This is about statistics, probability and intensive research, using it to get value from the stupid emotional bets of the investment herd.

Do you have a small betting bank to play with?

If you want to get this best out of the Syndicate you need to think like a serious investor. This isn’t some occasional windfall opportunity, this is about growing your money, month after month. If you just want the odd tip here and there to punt a tenner on, this isn’t for you. You need to be prepared to start with a betting bank of at least £375.

Are you happy that there will be losers among the winners and that no system, no matter how clever, can promise otherwise?

Remember, the Syndicate plays on probabilities, using statistics to get the edge – it doesn’t have a magic crystal ball that picks guaranteed winners. The core principle is that you’ll make a long-term profit – that is all.

You’ll get months where you make 25%, 35% return on your money... and there will be months where it’s far lower. As you can see from the combined records of Miles and myself we've made a profit even with many of the individual tips losing.

In other words, it’s all about the maths and probabilities, not magic tricks. Which brings me to my final question...

Are you happy to follow proven statistics and trends, instead of hunches, superstition or mate’s tip-offs?

The Syndicate is looking for people who can follow the system, using the statistical data and number crunching of the expert team.

If you’re the sort of person that gets bored of following the clear trend shown by the research, and prefers to act on some tip you hear in the pub, or because the horse’s name is lucky to you, then this isn’t for you.

But if you want to gradually build yourself a bank of money to help pay the bills, buy yourself holidays and treats, or simply put into a savings account, then this really could be what you’re looking for.

If you answered “yes” to the above then we’d love to have you on board the Syndicate.


The Syndicate is strictly limited and once membership is full you will not be able to get involved

So if you’re interested in giving this a go, commitment free, then now is the time to try it. You can lock in the low price for a lifetime and ensure you get a place before the doors close.

Here’s what you’ll get as a member…

All of this, PLUS...

Each spring there are Cheltenham and Aintree specials which cover the two main National Hunt festivals. During festivals like these the bookies provide all manner of free bets and bonuses. In fact, the offers are so good, you could actually make a profit from the festival with next to no winners!

We’ll also offer placepots that could pocket you a fortune, live updates and interaction over the whole festival. Here are just a few of the comments we get after these festivals:

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you – the Syndicate added enormously to the fun of the week and MUCH more importantly increased my holiday savings pot.”
– Gill

“A very big thank you for the kick up the rear end to join your syndicate... all in all I finished up with £598.78 in my account at the end of the festival.”
– Ray

“I managed to take the bookies for about £230 on the week. A fantastic four days indeed. Thanks again for all your hard work in producing such detailed information...”
– Martin

On top of the festival action, there will be competitions for free bets and free tickets, as well as a ‘live text’ in the members’ area.

As you can see, this is the full racing investment package…

Quite simply there’s not an angle left uncovered. You’ll have two specialists with proven track records working to do all the research, calculations and betting profiles for you.

Miles specialises in flat racing, while I specialise in the jump season. Each day we look horses that are going to run well, analysing previous races, trainer form, jockey bookings and a range of other factors to build a firm case.

Ultimately, we’re looking for instances where the TRUE statistical chances are higher than the odds suggest.

When we find difference in the stated odds and the actual probability... then we ruthlessly exploit it.

Yes, even though that means we’re profiting from other people’s stupid bets!

People say that 'there's no such thing as a poor bookie' but that's not relevant to the Syndicate. There is room for both YOU and the bookmakers to profit as long as there are enough ignorant bettors in the market.

By using our statistical profiling on every race you’ll have an extraordinary advantage over emotional, ill-informed punters.

You’ll bet with a clear picture of the true probability – taking advantage of those odds skewed by over eager bettors who fall for the bookies’ prices.

But let us SHOW you how profitable this can be…

Join us today and find out exactly how much you could make in the Syndicate. 

If you’re really risk-averse, you can try it using a paper trading account until you’re sure.

And if you decide to stick with us after 30 days…

You can lock-in the lowest possible price

There is, of course, a fee for the hard work and analysis of two race betting experts, never mind the members only website, forum, email alerts and research teams.

We don’t mess around with ‘special discounts’ and marketing tricks. However, when we next open the doors of the Syndicate the price WILL be higher.

So right now you have a final chance to lock in the lowest possible price of just £1 for the first month!

In return you’ll get

So I’d urge you to click the button below to reserve your trial place today.

Yes, let me try out The Syndicate for 30 days


I really hope you’ll join us…

Because betting doesn’t have to be reckless, risky or a gamble. If you use proven expertise and follow a statistical method it can be a long-term investment strategy.

It’s more profitable than putting your money in the stock market…

And certainly better than leaving it to dwindle in a low interest bank account.

With the Syndicate, you too can treat the vast and growing race betting industry like a marketplace. Every week you could siphon off profits and grow your own bank, easily and without big risks.

All you have to do is put your details down below to reserve your membership. You’ll get access to the strategies, the members website, daily tips and updates and the full race profiling power of the Syndicate.

Reserve your place today!

I look forward to welcoming you on-board.


Matt Houghton
The Syndicate

Yes, let me try out The Syndicate for 30 days

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