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Dear Reader,

I’ve just read a book so powerful – so completely locked-in to what’s unfolding in the UK and the world right now – I’m going to do something unprecedented.

The book is called Cryptocurrency Wars.

It’s written by Jim Rickards. If you haven’t heard of Jim, I’d be quite surprised.

He’s a 35-year Wall Street veteran and financial warfare analyst for the Pentagon. He’s also a three-time bestselling author.

But you won’t find his new book being launched at a swanky hotel. Or anywhere else for that matter. You won’t see it on the shelf at Waterstones or Foyles. And you won’t find it on Amazon.

Jim has authorised an exclusive giveaway of 1,000 password-protected PDF copies of Cryptocurrency Wars for Agora Financial UK readers.

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It’s Michelle Roberts here, by the way, assistant publisher at Agora Financial UK.

I fully realise there are a ton of so-called experts and books on cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin lit up last year. As assistant publisher of one of the UK’s most well respected independent financial publishers, I’ve read most of them.

There have been so many that they almost become white noise.

This one is starkly different.

For instance, what you will learn in this succinct volume has nothing to do with hanging on for a Bitcoin at $100,000…and nothing to do with buying ‘penny cryptos’ either.

Instead, it covers a wholly different idea – one based on a new breed of ‘alt crypto’ I’ll bet not one investor in a thousand has heard about.

And even among those that have, it’s not something most of them understand…

Even though there’s enough evidence and historical precedent for how much wealth it could create – and in the same breath DESTROY.

What am I talking about?

It’s just one of the fundamental shifts covered in this brand-new book.

Like I say, you won’t find this book on Amazon or in any bookshop.

It’s now dawning on even the most exuberant Bitcoin fans that those easy-money days are done.

Some who were on the brink of ‘buying in’ now worry they’ve missed out completely.

Well, today, I’m writing to tell you…

You can be right on both counts and potentially STILL see huge gains in the crypto markets – just not in the way you think

Not only will Cryptocurrency Wars demystify how the crypto phenomenon took off like it did…and how we got to where we are now…but it shows why this unique wealth phenomenon isn’t over by any stretch.

It’s just evolving in a very unexpected way.

If you can understand how that evolution will take place, you could still make huge gains in the future.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

On the other hand, fail to understand the conflict now taking shape – a real battle for dominance over the technology behind crypto and parts of the economy it could change – and you could lose.

Big time.

That’s why I believe you must read this book.

Especially if…

  • You still intend to invest anything – even ‘punt money’ – in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of the many emerging cryptos yet to grab the spotlight…
  • You believe, as I do, that the REAL fundamental shift to cryptocurrency technology is just getting started, in a way that could remap government, economics, and your way of life…
  • Or you believe that it’s only a matter of time before the crypto revolution overtakes the world of paper money, with the potential to unseat the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency…


There’s another BIG reason to claim access to one of the 1,000 password-protected PDF pre-release copies of Jim’s new book…

For one, Jim’s take on the intertwined worlds of currencies, markets and geopolitics is second to none.

His credentials, as you may know, are vast and unmatched...

While most people know Jim as a three-time New York Times bestselling author who regularly appears on TV, his experience actually spans 35 years on Wall Street.

In the late 90s, after the famous meltdown of the Long-Term Capital Management hedge fund, Jim was part of the team who helped organise its bail out and prevent what could have been an entire collapse of the financial system.

Less well known is Jim’s extensive work within the government, where he’s been an adviser to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that oversees the NSA, the CIA, and 14 other US intelligence agencies.

In fact, after September 11, he was recruited by the CIA to develop a program to investigate stock market signals that could identify terrorist activities before they occurred (like the bets against airline stocks prior to the 9/11 attacks).

His intelligence work there successfully predicted a major terrorist event in London just days prior to an attack. Thankfully, Scotland Yard thwarted the attack and saved hundreds of lives.

Because of his deep knowledge of international banking and the interplay of world currencies, the Pentagon called him when they conducted their first ever financial ‘war game’.

Jim’s role was to advise the intelligence agencies on how the US could defend itself against other countries launching covert financial warfare attacks on its banking system.

At least a year before the 2008 crisis, Jim was telling his audience that there was trouble and instability in the system. Of course, he was right then too...

Point is, I can’t think of anyone – anywhere – in 2018 who’s writing about these issues with greater authority than Jim.

And I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that Jim has strong views on the recent boom – and bust – in cryptocurrencies.

The mania that erupted around cryptos late last year caught many investors on the hop. Maybe you were one of them.

By the time the market had exploded at the beginning of December, perhaps you felt it was too late to take a position.

Since then, of course, cryptos have pulled back. Some significantly.

And now, maybe you’re looking at the market thinking: ‘The weak hands have all been shaken’s the time to invest...’

If you are, Jim has a message for you:


At least not until you’ve read Jim’s vital take on the state of the crypto markets in Cryptocurrency Wars.

Don’t get me wrong:

It’s not that Jim thinks cryptos are a passing fad. On the contrary. He believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

But Jim says you’re making a ‘big mistake’ if you see Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all the other coins as ‘investments’.

They are not investments, says Jim.

Cryptocurrencies are money.

Sure, they may have seemed like an ‘investment’ in 2017...when everyone was piling in and making four-figure gains...

But what we’re really talking about here is speculation.

Currency speculation, to be specific.

When buyers of Bitcoin say it ‘went up’ from $1,000 to $10,000 – that’s not a return on an investment, it’s just a change in the exchange rate.

People bought Bitcoin with dollars.

They sold their Bitcoin for dollars.

The dollar value of Bitcoin is what speculators are really interested in.

You saw it yourself last year. Speculators pushed the dollar value of Bitcoin up an incredible 1,318% in 2017.

Had you chucked $1,000 into Bitcoin on 1 January last year, you’d have had $13,180-worth by New Year’s Eve.

That’s some return.

But as you know, from about mid-December last year, these same speculators started cashing out.

Bitcoin has lost an eye-watering amount of its value since then. It’s come back a little, but it’s still way down from the peak.

You know, if the same thing happened in the stock market right now, we’d be talking about a crash way bigger than 1987...and even bigger than 2008.

But unlike a stock market crash, the Bitcoin selloff was not caused by a loss of confidence in the market...or in the economy.

It was all to do with jumping on a trade that was rocketing up...

Then cashing out at the height of the mania.

It didn’t even have anything to do with Bitcoin’s disruptive potential, such that it is.

In fact, Jim believes Bitcoin will not be remembered as the biggest breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market.

Instead, says Jim, Bitcoin could very well become the or MySpace of this revolution...

He believes that any British investors holding Bitcoin for too much longer could be left high and dry...while another ‘alt-crypto’ – also revealed in the book – swoops in to steal all the attention.

Bottom line: It is Jim’s view that...

The days of easy money in Bitcoin are over

The initial promise of Bitcoin – in fact, of any cryptocurrency – is that it has the potential to replace the sovereign currencies we all use at the moment.

This was the goal of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Cryptocurrencies, as you know, are transacted between entities via a publicly distributed digital ledger.

That means they cannot be manipulated by any government.

Nor can their supply be controlled by any central bank.

And because each transaction is protected by military-grade encryption, cryptocurrencies can’t be hacked either.

That’s why everyone – from speculators to hard-core libertarians – got so excited about them.

The only problem is...

Governments don’t like competition.

Especially when it comes to money.

Now, don’t for one minute think that governments and central banks were oblivious to the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptos last year.

They weren’t.

They were as interested as you were to watch it all play out.

Of course they see cryptocurrency as the future of money. Bitcoin has proven a valuable test case in that regard.

But at some stage – and maybe sooner than we all think – central banks, financial institutions and the IMF are going to step into the fray.

See, it’s all well and good to say that cryptocurrencies cannot be controlled or regulated by government.

And it’s true, to a large extent.

But what most investors don’t realise is that blockchain – the technology that enables cryptocurrency transactions – IS subject to government control.

Blockchain depends on critical infrastructure...including servers, telecommunications networks, the banking system, and the power grid.

All of this can be regulated...taxed...and investigated by government.

In Cryptocurrency Wars, Jim explains how the future of cryptocurrencies may not be decentralised after all.

In fact, a group of major corporations are working on a collaborative effort to develop an open-source blockchain as a uniform standard for ALL blockchain applications.

The group includes JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, State Street, SWIFT, Cisco, Accenture, the London Stock Exchange and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial.

As Jim says in his new book:

That’s not exactly five guys in hoodies working in a garage...’

The corporate-state consortium is taking over

You see, as much as governments hate competition when it comes to money...

Banks hate it even more.

This is probably the biggest takeaway from Cryptocurrency Wars.

And it’s the main reason Jim is urging Bitcoin investors to tread carefully.

Regulation is coming.

Bitcoin was great while it lasted.

But central banks, major financial institutions and the IMF will soon be the biggest players in the cryptocurrency markets.

And that means the days of wild crypto speculation are coming to an end.

But as Jim reveals in his book...that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve missed the boat.

There’s still plenty of opportunity to invest in the crypto revolution.

Just not in coins.

At least, not in the coins that made all the headlines in 2017.

According to Jim, their time has passed.

A moment ago I told you how governments and central banks were interested in Bitcoin as a test case.

But what they were really interested in was the technology behind Bitcoin – blockchain.

This is where Jim says the biggest opportunities are for smart investors now.

To read more about these blockchain investments, just read on to the end of this letter to find out how you can download your pre-release digital copy of Cryptocurrency Wars today.

You’ll also learn about a potentially HUGE story emerging in the blockchain space right now...involving the International Monetary Fund’s plan to create a crypto version of their ‘Special Drawing Rights’ (or SDRs).

This – as you may already know – was actually the subject of Jim’s third bestselling book, The Road to Ruin.

In that book he talked about how he believes the global elite has a secret plan to initiate ‘Ice Nine’ – his metaphor for the coordinated worldwide freezing of personal bank and investment accounts in the event of another global credit crisis…

Or, as most mainstream economists and financial analysts call it, a BAIL-IN.

Cyprus is just one example of this…

A few years ago, the Cypriot economy was in trouble, especially the banks.

The IMF and Eurozone stepped in and loaned Cyprus €10 billion. But the loan came with strings attached. In exchange for the capital injection, the IMF demanded control over the Cypriot banking system.

More specifically, the IMF froze the entire system – literally every bank in the country. And it did that to ensure that the IMF’s demands were met, including strict capital controls.

How did all this impact regular citizens?

Local ATMs went dark. And even the bank branches closed – permanently in some cases.

Citizens couldn’t withdraw their cash. They couldn’t even transfer funds from one account to another.

What came next?

Wealth extraction on a grand scale.

How did the elites justify this?

They called it a ‘levy’…the price regular citizens had to pay for their government’s missteps.

Now think about it for a second in the context of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies…

How much easier will ‘Ice Nine’ be to implement if money is 100% digital?

Well… Jim believes he’s found documentation that this could go ahead in the event of a crisis.

It has widespread institutional support...

And tacit approval from some world governments...

This really COULD be game-changing.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde says the development in the crypto space amounts to a ‘brave new world’ for the financial sector.

A brave new world where the US dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency.

I won’t get into the details of how this scenario might play out here. You can read about it yourself in Jim’s new book.

The bottom line is it could be disastrous for stock markets around the world – including here in Britain.

That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

But I will add this:

I don’t believe anyone is talking or writing about cryptocurrencies with greater authority than Jim Rickards right now.

This is a man that knows the global monetary system inside out.

He’s written bestselling books about it.

Spoken at thousand-dollar-a-ticket investment seminars about it.

He’s counselled world leaders...intelligence chiefs...military top brass...and billionaire investors on it.

And now it’s your turn to benefit from Jim’s wisdom.

To remind you:

I’m releasing 1,000 password-protected PDF downloads of Jim’s new book, Cryptocurrency Wars, available to Agora Financial UK readers today

Provided you have a current and valid email address AND you’re one of the first 1,000 readers to respond to this letter...

I’ll show you how to request a digital download of this book from me.

When you do, you’ll discover...

  • The ‘alt crypto’ that could beat out Bitcoin and remap the world... Jim says not one investor in a thousand has heard about this crypto. But if there’s one crypto you need to follow out of the 1,300-plus floating around now…it’s this one...
  • Why the US dollar is actually a cryptocurrency... And why one fundamental but widely ignored truth about the world’s reserve currency could have you scurrying to sell all your current crypto holdings...
  • BEWARE: The shocking truth about ICOs revealed... Discover why ICOs are little more than elaborate crowdfunding projects...and learn how far some operators will go to persuade you to invest in their worthless ICOs online…
  • The four reasons Jim won’t buy Bitcoin… And why he won’t recommend it to any investor. Jim says: ‘Buyer beware: There’s a much bigger cryptocurrency story not being told...’
  • Think the recent 50%-plus price fall in Bitcoin was bad? Learn why the next global recession could lead to a further 75% drop in Bitcoin... Investors need to be aware that cryptocurrencies haven’t experienced a liquidity crisis in their short lifetime...when the next one comes, investors will most likely drop Bitcoin like a stone...

Remember: You can’t get a copy of Cryptocurrency Wars anywhere else.

You won’t find it listed on Amazon’s website. Or Waterstones. Or Foyles.

It hasn’t even been printed yet.

But today, an advance electronic copy is yours to keep…

Provided you’re one of the first 1,000 readers to respond to this invitation, I’ll authorise our team to dispatch a UK-exclusive, password-protected digital copy to you today.

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You’ll get full access to the Strategic Intelligence UK archive on a 100% test-run basis for 365 days. 

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If you like what you see, stay on as a subscriber. If, for any reason, you don’t wish to stay on, that’s fine. Just let us know within your trial period and we’ll refund you the small subscription cost you’ll pay today. You can keep the digital copy of Cryptocurrency Wars, which I’ll send you right away, with my compliments. Consider it a gift for giving Strategic Intelligence UK a try.

Simply click where it says ‘Send Me My Copy Now’ at the end of this letter and fill in the secure order form. I’ll email your password-protected PDF copy straight out to you.

If you’re keen to read Jim’s take on the future of Bitcoin...blockchain’s major role in the world’s monetary system...and what all this means for your investments…

Make sure you secure your copy TODAY.

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According to Jim, owning gold during a financial crisis is a no brainer...

But right now, it’s even more vital that you make a move into gold.

You see, Jim believes the third gold bull market – and potentially GREATEST – of our lifetime has finally begun.

You may remember the booms that came before:

The first ran from August 1971 to January 1980...

Gold gained 2,190% in just over seven years.

The second hit in August 1999, running until September 2011...

Gold gained 655% in twelve years.

According to Jim’s research, the third great bull market of our lifetime started in December 2015...

Gold has already gained 27%.

But Jim predicts it we will see it gain much, MUCH more over the coming months and years and in this special report he explains how you can take advantage.

You’ll get access as soon as you join today.

And in addition to this special new report, you’ll also receive:

30 Ticking Time Bombs To Avoid

We believe today’s stock market is a bubble that’s being propped up by near-zero interest rates.

There’s nothing Wall Street doesn’t like about free money.

That’s why leverage on the New York Stock Exchange is at an all-time high.

People like to say, ‘Oh, well, the stock market has more than tripled since the low in March 2009.’

But that was then, and this is now.

We’re now 10 years closer to the next collapse.

Seriously. Ask yourself…

How long can this last?

Is this the time to be jumping in…or is it time to get out, at least on a selective basis?

Volumes are low, so you have a steeply rising stock market, on very low volume, with massive leverage…

That is almost the definition of a bubble.

And we’re certain that bubble will burst.

When that happens, there are at least 30 stocks we suggest you’ll want to steer clear of.

That’s why I asked David Stevenson, our UK Investment Director, to outline each of these stocks for you.

According to David, these stocks could lose a lot of value in short order when the crash hits.

He recommends checking your portfolio and making sure you don’t have exposure to any of the stocks he profiles.

It’s all detailed in your copy of 30 Ticking Time Bombs To Avoid.

And remember, you’ll receive this along with your UK-exclusive copy of Jim Rickards’ Cryptocurrency Wars eBook.

On top of all this, you’ll also receive…

A special and exclusive report that reveals the NUMBER ONE way to potentially profit from the central banks' rigged markets

As a member of Strategic Intelligence UK, not only do you get access to Jim…you’ll be able to get your hands on research from some of Jim’s best contacts working in the industry today.

That includes former Goldman Sachs Managing Director and best-selling author, Nomi Prins.

Since Nomi left the world of banking, she’s made it her mission to help ordinary investors get an edge over the system that’s so cruelly rigged against you.

That’s what led her to something she calls ‘Dark Money’ trading.

This gets to the heart of the secret big banks and institutional investors don’t want you to know about.

According to Nomi’s research, it’s this ‘dark money’ that they use to rig the system...

It goes into to the biggest private banks and financial institutions first.

From there, it spreads out in seemingly infinite directions affecting different financial assets in different ways.

It’s easy to see how this dark money affects the stock market at a high level, because ‘insiders’ can monitor its constant movement.

But for an individual investor like you, looking to manage your individual portfolio positions, this dark money is invisible.

Without help, it’s hard to identify and execute trades based on dark money.

But when you understand what it is and where it comes from, you can use their biggest weapon against them.

That’s why we had Nomi and our team put this special report together. Dark Money: How to Beat the Big Banks will fill you in on how it all works and how you can take advantage.

You’ll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the report as soon as you join Strategic Intelligence UK today.

But that’s STILL not all…

Now, here’s where this special eBook deal gets REALLY interesting

There’s another incredibly valuable resource I also want to give you.

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I’m talking about one of Jim’s previous books.

In 2015, he authorised a heavily-subsidised print run to make it available to any UK subscriber who requested a copy.

Since then, it’s been a quiet sensation.

Over 1,000 Brits have already got hold of their copy.

And after the last hardcopy was snapped up, many more digital copies were downloaded. 

If you haven’t read it yet, you must.

While Cryptocurrency Wars reveals what Jim believes will happen in the crypto markets over the coming years…The Big Drop explains why he believes – DESPITE the crypto mania – the financial markets as a whole are heading towards catastrophe.

It explores what that could mean for you here in Britain between now and 2020. It also explains how you could modify your investments to prepare for it, along with several other unconventional protection and profit techniques.

It’s called: 

The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth during the Coming Collapse

That’s right…

In addition to everything I’ve already detailed, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of The Big Drop.

The timescale of this global financial contamination is not necessarily limited to days or weeks. These panics can play out over months and years.

What may look like unconnected distant events can actually be indications and warnings of something much more dangerous to come.

What began as a slowdown in China has now spread to almost all emerging markets.

And now other Western markets are being affected as investors dump risky assets such as stocks, jumping into more liquid assets instead such as money market funds, Treasury securities and bank deposits.

But in The Big Drop, you will discover even more ways to potentially protect your wealth – and even grow it – as the crisis goes mainstream, including:

  • Monthly debt deductions:A former US Treasury Secretary’s plan to have the US government simply deduct the money it wants from American citizens’ bank accounts every month. Don’t think this affects you? At least 20 other governments are also seriously considering this strategy as a way to deal with their debt
  • One ‘virtual cash vault’ investment that should hold its value even as currencies crumble.No, it’s not gold. But it IS almost like ‘cash sitting in a safe’ inside your brokerage account, ready at the click of a mouse to buy assets that others are panicking to sell.
  • What you should know about Warren Buffett and how he seems to be betting against the US dollar, even though his company, Berkshire Hathaway, holds over US$50 billion in cash. Buffett seems like the all-American success story who is rooting for US stocks, but what he is actually investing in tells a different story.

You’ll get all that, and much more, in The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth during the Coming Collapse.

I’ll give you the passcode to instantly download a digital version of The Big Drop as soon as I hear from you today.

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The most valuable on-going resource to guide you through the coming financial crisis…

From the highest levels of government, Wall Street and global capital markets – full access to our very best research for 365 days

I hope it’s obvious that Jim’s new Cryptocurrency Wars book, and its accompanying resources, reports and recommendations, are something you need to read...

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You’ll need an on-going guide through all this.

Someone to help you protect your wealth. Someone to alert you to dangers early, before it’s too late. And someone to show you how to shield and grow your wealth through uncertain times…

That’s why, as I mentioned, you get access to everything I’ve mentioned when you take up a 365-day trial subscription to a monthly intelligence briefing we founded in the UK with the help of Jim Rickards and his UK team, led by David Stevenson, our Chief Investment Analyst...

It’s called Strategic Intelligence UK.

Every month, David will update you on the state of the markets, any risks he sees in the financial system, and unique opportunities to help you prepare for the future and protect the wealth you’ve already created.

Remember, when you invest your capital will be at risk. So you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

David himself is a leading investment expert with 35 years' experience of the financial markets. Having started a career in the City with Morgan Grenfell Investment Management, David joined Oppenheimer in 1983, starting as a UK fund manager before working for Hill Samuel, Cigna and IAI International and BNP Securities.

Though Jim’s focus in Cryptocurrency Wars is on the cryptocurrency market, I should point out that Strategic Intelligence is not a cryptocurrency newsletter.

David does an excellent job of providing our UK readers, like you, with well-researched recommendations across a number of sectors. His aim is to find original opportunities that will provide you with a mix of long-term capital growth and – for many of his selections – a high income too.

The majority of David’s ideas will be simple equity plays offering good value and with a catalyst that can drive the share price higher. His approach focuses on investing in a stock over two years, three years, four years or even longer… in fact, for however long it takes for the market to recognise the underlying cheapness that he’s identified.

Sometimes David will look to advise on what he calls ‘recovery plays’, where you might see an ‘out of favour’ stock fall in value before it rises again. And it may be that David’s research sometimes identifies stocks overseas, where currency risk might be a consideration. In any such case, he’ll provide a full analysis of the potential pick.

Of course, when big themes develop in the financial space, we often investigate them and where we believe it’s important to do so, we’ll research and write special situation reports…or in this case, a whole book on the subject.

ULTIMATELY, OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: To help everyday investors like you cut through the deception you’re being fed by political figures and economists…and to avoid – and prosper in – the next collapse that’s coming.

In the past, Jim has personally only provided this kind of research to his high-net-worth clients and members of the US intelligence community.

Now it’s available to you.

Strategic Intelligence UK is the perfect way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the global economy, as well as helping you prepare and potentially make a fortune as this all unfolds.

Globally, over 150,000 Strategic Intelligence subscribers consider Jim their eyes and ears in the world of elite finance and politics…

His work takes him across the globe as he leverages his network of high-profile contacts in Wall Street, the intelligence community and the highest levels of government.

Jim’s work is published in over eight countries and four different languages.

Collectively, the Agora Financial Global Network has spent $3 million annually to publish the boldest forecasts and information about the international monetary system…the coming crash…and steps you could take to protect and grow your wealth.

Like I said, when you claim your copy of Cryptocurrency Wars today, you’ll also access a 365-day trial of our flagship advisory service, Strategic Intelligence UK.

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So let’s sum all this up…

Take up your 365 day trial to our monthly intelligence briefing, Strategic Intelligence UK now and you’ll immediately receive:

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  • How To Invest In Gold
  • 30 Ticking Time Bombs To Avoid
  • Dark Money: How to Beat the Big Banks
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Why have I authorised to give away so much of our very best research – and so many recommendations – for just £37?


I consider it my duty to provide our readers with the very best research we produce so that you can understand what’s happening and – most importantly – take action.

Frankly, I risk losing money here. To turn a profit, quite simply, I need you to want to continue receiving our research for many years to come.

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Small cap shares - Shares recommended may be small company shares. These can be relatively illiquid meaning they are hard to trade and can have a large bid/offer spread. If you need to sell soon after you bought, you might get back less that you paid. This makes them riskier than other investments. Small companies may not pay a dividend.

Overseas shares - Some recommendations may be denominated in a currency other than sterling. The return from these may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. Any dividends will be taxed at source in the country of issue.

Funds - Fund performance relies on the performance of the underlying investments and there is counterparty default risk which could result in a loss not represented by the underlying investment.

Taxation - Profits from share dealing are a form of capital gain and subject to taxation. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

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