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Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares – you can lose some or all of your money. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results. The FCA does not regulate the cryptocurrency market, or buying and selling physical commodities like gold. Always seek advice if you are unsure about the suitability of any investment.

Do not risk putting another

pound in your bank account

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Road to Ruin


  • How to Invest in Gold
  • 27 ‘Ticking Time Bombs’ to Avoid
  • The Power of Dark Money That is Running The World
  • Plus a Digital Copy of Jim Rickards's Other Best-selling Book The Big Drop


Hello, Jim Rickards here…

You may know me as the author of two New York Times best-selling books: Currency Wars and The Death of Money, both of which warn about the coming collapse of our financial system…

Or you may have read my best-selling book on the importance of gold, The New Case for Gold

Indeed, as well as being recognized for my best-selling books, I have a high profile on popular financial television…

Turn on the TV and tune into CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, or Russia Today and you’ll likely see me on the channel:

But my credibility goes far, far deeper than anyone else you might know…

My work as a currency war advisor for the Pentagon, CIA and American national intelligence brings me into direct contact with the top echelons of the global power structure.

I’ve even been given top-secret national security clearance, too.

And what I’ve discovered as a consequence of my access has floored me. It’s why I’m writing to you today:

If you have a single pound to your name…

A stock brokerage account or pension...

Or if any payments are paid direct into your bank... whether it’s your salary… your pension… or any other income you might have...

Your wealth, your freedom and much more are at grave risk right now.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m rushing a FREE, hardcover copy of my best-selling book, called The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis to the doorstep of any British citizen with a valid mailing address. (All I ask is that you take up my offer and pay just £3.95 for everything on offer today.)

Look, I’m not saying you should close all your bank accounts right now...

But, mark my words: It is fundamentally important that before you let another pound hit your bank account... you read this essential book.

You see, I believe, without doubt this is my most important work to date


A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Uncover in The Road to Ruin


I like to think all of the books I’ve produced so far have provided value to my readers… But I think this is my most valuable and comprehensive book in the series so far.

You see, inside you’ll discover shocking truths like:

  • The government’s “Private Stock Market Spy” that can and will pressure to you to NOT sell stocks, bonds and ETFs during the next crisis... even if the stock market is in total free-fall and you want to!
  • The “Brisbane Rules” that could instantly transform any cash you have into what’s called “Forced Shares of Stock.” They're exactly that… a piece of paper you don’t want and you never asked for that basically steals your money. (Obama approved these rules with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on November 15, 2014, with few, if any, people knowing about it.)...
  • The secret programme for controlling citizens that the global financial elite have already used, including leaders from Caesar and Napoleon to Rockefeller and Roosevelt... through both Bushes and Obama. (The elites peddling this programme today will shock you.) Inside this book expose these elites and their agenda by name.

And that’s not all...

  • I reveal the global elite’s shocking plan for physical gold (Spoiler alert: It's NOT to recreate a gold standard. Far, far from it.)
  • A powerful global money from last century that was linked to gold. (It's still in existence today, but has been mutated into a different and dangerous beast. It’s a tool to steal your wealth that, when revealed, will cause confusion, stealth financial losses and dismay.)
  • I reveal the new world tax regime that the elites’ technical secretariat has prepared to squeeze as much tax as possible from you and every corner of the globe.
  • What may be called the “World Citizens Database” (prepare for your unique global identifier number). It will help the global elites make sure you pay your “fair share” in taxes and much more. Seem like a conspiracy theory? It's not and I show you all of the official proof.

Plus, I think you’ll be genuinely shocked and deeply worried when you read about:.

  • The New World Order that will be imposed on the entire planet. Put away the tin-foil hat. This is very real and it will undermine individual governments and your personal liberty. The well-documented truth I present is much more frightening than any fiction I could ever dream up.
  • Why the US has been detonating thermonuclear bomb tests in cyberspace. If this reads like a typo, it’s not. (Read all about it inside – especially if you feel strongly about worldwide nuclear war.)
  • One simple sentence that will help you forecast the economy better than 99.99% of the world’s central bankers. (Hint: Most economists use a “coin toss” method, but that’s not how the real world works. I show you how it REALLY works. This secret will give you a big leg up over all of your investor friends.)




Bonus 1

As well as rushing you a FREE copy of my best-selling book today, as well as offering you the chance to test-drive Strategic Intelligence for 30 days, I’d also like to go one step FURTHER send you these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus 1


A ‘secret’ bonus chapter that you won’t find in the bookshop – but will be essential for your survival when the next crisis hits.

Bonus 4


You need to know a lot of information to successfully buy physical gold the way I recommend. That’s why I’ve put together a report showing you how.

Bonus 3


A special report that reveals 27 stocks you MUST get out of BEFORE the next financial crisis hits

Bonus 2


This research comes from former Goldman Sachs Managing Director and best-selling author, Nomi Prins.


A Very, VERY Special FOURTH Bonus Gift...


To make it even easier for you to take advantage of this opportunity today, I’ll also send you a very, VERY special extra bonus gift...


Bonus 1

The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse

That’s right…

In addition to everything I’ve already detailed, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of The Big Drop: : How to Grow Your Wealth during the Coming Collapse .

The timescale of this global financial contamination is not necessarily limited to days or weeks. These panics can play out over months and years.

And in The Big Drop, you will discover even more ways to potentially protect your wealth – and even grow it – as the crisis goes mainstream, including:

I’ll give you the passcode to instantly download a digital version of The Big Drop as soon as I hear from you today.

It’s worth just as much as The Road to Ruin...

But, as I said, it’s yours at no extra charge.

It’s included in the whole package.

And yes, it IS a package.

Because, as I said earlier, it doesn’t just stop there with these bonuses.

This special, book package comes with something else…

The most valuable on-going resource to guide you through the coming financial crisis…


30 FULL DAYS of Access to My Insider Network, Strategic Intelligence

David Stevenson,
Investment Director

David Stevenson is a leading investment expert with 32 years’ experience of the financial markets. He’s my ‘right hand man’ in the UK and he works directly with me to identify specific stocks that you can invest in.

Having started a career in the City with Morgan Grenfell Investment Management, David joined Oppenheimer in 1983, starting as a UK fund manager before working for Hill Samuel, Cigna and IAI International and BNP Securities.

Globally, over 150,000 Strategic Intelligence subscribers consider me their eyes and ears in the world of elite financial politics.

Members get: Monthly issues, total access to my research site, monthly Intelligence Briefings, and more.

The aim of Strategic Intelligence is simple:

To help you build an investment portfolio with an eye on the next financial crisis.

When will that be? No one can say for sure.

What we can say though is our financial system is inherently unstable and grows more so each day.

Since the last financial crisis began in 2007, too-big-to-fail banks are even bigger and more concentrated, posing greater systemic risk if one of them should fail.

Central banks haven’t evens started to unwind the emergency stimulus measures they undertook last time the system crashed.

As a Strategic Intelligence member, you’ll receive regular analysis on how I think the next crisis will play out.

I look for “Indications and Warnings”, a technique I picked up from my national security work, and will update you on which scenarios look more likely as fresh data become available.

You’ll get regular actionable investment ideas from Strategic Intelligence‘s Investment Director David Stevenson.

The majority of David’s ideas will be simple stock recommendations that meet his key criteria: out-of-favour companies, offering good value and with a catalyst that can drive the share price higher. We call this style of investing ‘contrarian' because it goes against the grain of what mainstream pundits typically recommend.

Now, contrarian investing isn’t for everyone. It takes patience as we wait for the chance for these companies to turn around and go higher in value. It may be that we hold a stock for two to five years. It can also be higher risk than buying, say, big, stable companies like Tesco. We believe the potential payoff to be worth it, but if you’re squeamish at the idea of seeing your investment ‘in the red’ for a time, this type of investing may not be right for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes David tips overseas stocks, so currency fluctuations might affect the value of your returns. In any such case, he’ll provide a full analysis of the potential pick and the risks involved.

Remember, when you invest your capital will be at risk. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Plus, as I say, I will also share with you my favourite wealth protection strategies, including measures aimed at avoiding the worst effects of inflation AND deflation.

The current system could stumble on as it is for a while yet. But it can’t go on forever without running into serious trouble. The time to prepare is now.

Now, Strategic Intelligence usually costs £97 per year, but if you act today, you’ll get everything I’ve mentioned here for just £3.95 for the next 30 days.

That really is a generous offer.

But remember...

You’ll get to...

Claim your Free Hard Copy of My Brand-new Book
The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for
the Next Financial Crisis


(This special edition will NOT be available in bookstores or on Amazon.)

  • Free Bonus Chapter:The Road Map to Survive the Road to Ruin
  • 30 Full Days Access to My Strategic Intelligence Monthly Newsletter.
  • Three Free Bonus Reports
  • Digital download of The Big Drop


This excellent book proves that, contrary to the propaganda of fiat currency apologists, gold is real money. Rickards makes a compelling case for why those looking for a way to protect themselves and their families from economic chaos created by central bankers should consider gold.”

Ron Paul, former Congressman and Presidential candidate

The most important book on gold yet.”

Nomi Prins, Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns and author of All The Presidents’ Bankers


A terrifically interesting and useful book . . . fascinating.”

KENNETH W. DAM former deputy secretary of the Treasury and adviser to three presidents

We can’t trust the Federal Reserve to do the honest work that Jim Rickards has done in writing this book. When the monetary system finally fails, there will be a flight to the only money that’s left in the system—and that will be gold. Essential reading.”

David A. Stockman, Former OMB Director and author of The Great Deformation