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Act BEFORE a ground-breaking
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…and claim your stake in three exciting ‘pot payday’ companies with the potential for serious gains, as they ride the wave of Canada’s trailblazing new ‘green rush’

Fellow British Investor,

I have in my hands a 106-page report produced by a ‘Cannabis Taskforce’ in Canada.

This ‘taskforce’ was set up by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

It is APPROVED and COMMISSIONED by the Canadian government.

The report is called “A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada.”

The title makes things pretty clear.

But if there is ANY doubt…I can tell you now:

Cannabis will soon be LEGAL to buy for recreational use in Canada.

The latest vote has already gone through...

Now it’s just a case of putting the bill into action, which will happen later this year.

As a British investor…why should YOU care?

Well, when recreational cannabis goes on sale in Canada, you could stand to make a small fortune all thanks to three simple facts:

  1. Fact: We know Canada voted in favour of legalising the recreational use of cannabis on June 19th...
  1. Fact: A handful of cannabis companies will be ‘green lit’ by the Canadian government to lead the revolution...
  1. Fact: I’ve found a way for British investors to tap into this exciting trend at the ground floor.

Look, this story is playing out right now…new ‘marijuana millionaires’ are already being made…and it’s completely, 100% legal.

Canada is just the beginning… you’ll see in this special briefing, the legalisation of cannabis around the world is no longer a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Right now, though, I believe there is a staggering opportunity for British investors to piggyback Canada’s potential CA$22.6 billion Cannabis Payday and potentially see some serious returns.

The time to make YOUR move is NOW...
while you can still get in at the ground floor

It’s no secret Canada is legalising cannabis.

It may surprise you, but it’s been legal for medicinal purposes over there for nearly 16 years already.

Legalising it for recreational use was just the next natural step.

And despite some conservative Canadian MPs trying to hold things up...

On June 19th, the Canadian government voted to approve it.

The Canadian prime minister is fully behind it, as you can see from this tweet he made after it had been passed to the Senate for the vote:

That’s why you should get in on this now...while you can still buy into some of the best cannabis companies ahead of the mainstream.

Of course, investing in cannabis companies is more risky than investing in more established or mainstream companies. The share prices can be much more volatile and it is possible for such companies to go bust.

It’s also possible that it will take longer for the legislation to be put into practice. This could slow a potential move up.

In fact, Prime Minister Trudeau has already declared that pot will be legal to buy on 17th October, in order to give all provinces enough time to prepare.

It’s why I advise you take action as soon as possible.

That way, you can position yourself before what I expect to be the biggest potential move in the market. Because as soon as people can actually walk in shops and buy the stuff…that’s when I think we’ll see things really take off.

But you need to go into this knowing the risk and should only put in money you can afford to lose.

I’ll show you exactly how you can take advantage – step-by-step – in a special new report I’ve put together for you.

The fact is: some people who have been really quick to move are already making money ahead of what I’m calling Canada’s Cannabis Payday.

On April 6th this year, the Financial Post ran a feature titled:

There is still opportunity for you to get in on the action now…BEFORE the really big moves could start happening.

Because investors are beginning to notice there is opportunity here.

Consider on April 5th this year, Seeking Alpha reported:

I agree totally – and it’s why I’ve identified three specific stocks I think British investors should be buying TODAY.

I believe the sky is the limit with these three plays…and if Canada continues to pave the way for the ‘legal’ cannabis industry booms as I expect it will…these three plays could be off the scale.

We’re talking about the birth of a whole new industry…and while you can still pick up certain companies for a matter of pennies…down the line, it’s entirely possible we could look back in a decade to see staggering returns.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

That’s the blue sky potential here.

If things play out as I think they could, in a few years from now, cannabis stocks will be a standard addition in every investor’s portfolio.

Hell, even Gene Simmons from rock-band KISS is getting in on the action along with other celebrities, as reported in one Canadian newspaper:

This story is moving faster than a bullet train right now…

And it’s set to become even bigger than it is already.

But it’s NOT TOO LATE for you to act and set yourself up for a potential windfall.

Right now, you can still buy in.

There are dozens of tiny cannabis companies that could be poised to benefit in the coming weeks...

...shares trading for peanuts right now.

But you SHOULD NOT just go out and buy up any cannabis stock you can get your hands on.

Some of them will end up junk and that’s the fastest way to lose money.

It’s why I’ve put all my other research projects on hold so I can write to you today.

You see, I’ve identified THREE cannabis stocks I DO believe you should invest in TODAY – as a British investor – so that you’re positioned to ride what I believe will be a wave of wealth like you’ve never seen before.

I am urging my paid members of my advisory newsletter and anyone who wants to join me today to act now…BEFORE the market could start to go berserk.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

What’s the true potential here?

It could be mind-blowing.

My most conservative estimate is that we’ll see the potential to at least double your money in two years’ time.

But, as I say, really the upside here could be MUCH BIGGER.

Remember, this is putting an end to the ‘prohibition’ on cannabis.

Think about that...

The ‘cannabis taskforce’ I mentioned earlier has actually made it their goal…to drive black market producers out of business.

It’s all laid out in the 106-page report I showed you before.

And consider this...

When Franklin D. Roosevelt ended prohibition in 1933, he paved the way for a $1,334 BILLION alcohol industry to grow...

...now Justin Trudeau is laying the groundwork for little-known pot companies to become BILLION dollar giants

When prohibition in the US came to an end in 1933, some companies ‘green lit’ by the government went through the roof. 

From a matter of pennies, their stock price soared…they’re now behind some of the biggest brands we know today. 

Look at Pabst, the company behind beers like Tsingtao, Old Milwaukee and Pabst Blue Ribbon in the US.

From being worth a matter of pennies in 1942, after prohibition it soared 3,125%:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

A small £200 investment left in this company, could have ended up being worth around £6,250 by the seventies.

It’s pretty impressive.

But it’s nothing compared to what happened to Anheuser-Busch, the company behind beers like Budweiser, Becks and Leffe.

From pennies, their stock price started an uphill climb that, by 2008, had risen 34,104%:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

£200 invested in the stock in 1934, just as the prohibition ban was lifted...

By October 2008, when the stock was delisted, that investment could have been worth £68,208.

But to really see what could be the true potential here... 

Take a look at what happened to Brown-Forman, the company behind whiskeys like Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve and Old Forester.

From a tiny penny share company in 1934, the point when prohibition was lifted…

They’ve become a TRUE GIANT.

As of January this year, their stock has risen 142,865%:

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Pretty good, right?

Don’t get me wrong, all three of those examples are events that played out in the past…and just because it happened like that in one industry doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to do the same for cannabis, which has never been widely consumed, like alcohol was before prohibition.

I’ve also shown only the best performers I could find over a long time period – many companies will have crashed and burned in the same time. It will be the same for cannabis stocks – not all will be winners.

And sure, it’s a long time (a lifetime even) holding any stock but we’re talking about potentially creating generational wealth here. Not just making you better off, but growing your family’s wealth too.

I mean, just £200 parked in that stock back then could now be worth £285,730.

That’s over quarter of a MILLION pounds…all from a single £200 investment in one stock.

It’s incredible, whichever way you look at it.

Think what that kind of money could do for you …think how even half of that could help you in a few decades when that time comes to slow things down and you’re looking for some extra pocket money.

Sure, with the three stocks I’ve identified for you today, we’ll be looking for gains much sooner over the next year to two years...

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But if you decided to hold on, I see no reason why this new legal cannabis industry couldn’t become just as big.

Canada’s own finance minister, Charles Sousa, was reported as saying:

“Ultimately the biggest problem that appears after today’s discussion is one of supply...we want to make certain that, when we do proceed, there is sufficient supply to accommodate the activity.”

Canada is expecting huge demand here and are clearly preparing to supply the needs of a massive new industry.

That’s ultimately the potential of what we’re looking at today...

When Canada rolls out legalisation of cannabis this summer, I believe it will unleash a wave of growth just like we saw when alcohol was legalised again after prohibition. As well as helping new companies get off the ground, it’ll help boost those companies who’ve already been working on the medicinal side of the industry. 


Well, a more tolerant, accepting attitude to cannabis will result in more doctors prescribing cannabis medications and more patients asking for them. The reason cannabis medication isn’t widespread right now is simply because doctors and patients haven’t been aware of its power…

That will change as the culture starts to accept cannabis use.

The second way this new legalisation will help medicinal cannabis companies is that it could help these companies roll out their treatments to markets all over the world.

More tolerance of cannabis in developed and ‘respectable’ countries like Canada and the USA will encourage other countries to follow their lead and open up cannabis for medicinal purposes.

I understand…it seems hard to imagine now.

But back then, if I had written to you to tell you about companies like Pabst, Anheuser-Busch or Brown-Forman predicting they’d soon skyrocket…you’d have been sceptical.

You’d have probably dismissed me out of hand.

Strange as it seems, brand names we recognise as household names today... like BudweiserJack Daniel’sBecks... would have seemed unfamiliar back then.

And you certainly wouldn’t have thought you’d be able pick up a six-pack from your local corner shop.

Even the legal drinking age has changed since then!

And that’s why to get on board with this idea today…

It takes a leap of faith.

It means you need to see the world with an open mind and realise that how things are today are not how they’ll be tomorrow.

You have to see headlines like this...

On CNN Money on 5th December 2017:

On Global New on 22nd March 2018:

In the Independent on 27th March 2018:

This just recently from the Independent on 7th June:

…and you must realise that things ARE changing right now.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. There could be delays putting the legislation into action, and so it will take longer to play out. You need to be comfortable going into this with your eyes open, understanding that to bring home the biggest gains…we need to take greater risk.

That’s exactly what this opportunity presents us with.

In the near term, I expect legalisation in Canada could help push the three specific companies I’ve identified up anywhere from 100% to 240% each in the next two years and could help grow your portfolio in the process.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Think about the effect more than doubling your money on three separate plays could have on your portfolio.

Of course, I’ve considered the downside too…it’s possible these won’t be the companies to ride out the boom…it’s a busy market and no one truly knows who will win the day.

There will be a boom – of that I’m sure.

But the question is: which companies will be the ones to benefit?

It’s possible brand new cannabis companies may pop up and come in and steal business from these existing cannabis specialists.

It’s why, however the market plays out when the legislation goes through, I personally believe the three plays I’ve identified offer the best opportunity for serious and potentially dramatic gains:

  • CANNABIS PAYDAY PLAY #1: XXXXXXXXXX: I believe this company could become the first “cannabis bluechip.” It’s already attracting interest from around the world as one of Canada’s biggest medicinal pot producers, and my research suggests that will only increase. The company is currently expanding its production on a massive scale with specific plans to enter the recreational market, so it makes sense to get in now.
  • CANNABIS PAYDAY PLAY #2: XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX : I believe this second company is positioned to indirectly benefit from the effect legalisation of cannabis will have on the medicinal market. They’ve developed a drug derived from cannabis that could be huge for rare, undertreated diseases. And it’s already in phase three of FDA trials. Wider use of cannabis generally could be great news for this firm as it should make regulators, medical professionals, and patients more comfortable with approving, prescribing and using the drug. 
  • CANNABIS PAYDAY PLAY #3: XX XXXXXXXXXXX : Despite the initial boom being set to start over in Canada, there is one British firm that I believe could help lead the race in providing cannabis for medicinal use, which I believe will benefit from the more acceptable use of cannabis generally. The company is gearing up to expand in the US as well as soon as its cannabis-derived drug gets FDA approval (it’s already passed multiple Phase 3 trials), so the time to invest is now.

According to my research, these are the companies to back right now.

I recommend getting in as soon as possible, because if recreational cannabis goes on sale later this year, the market could explode.

I expect we’ll start seeing pictures of people queuing outside shop fronts in Toronto to buy weed…and the reality of the situation will soon hit the mainstream.

But don’t get me wrong, the great thing about the plays I’ve picked out for you today is that they don’t completely rely on the fact that recreational cannabis is being made legal.

All three are already involved in the medicinal cannabis space, and that space remains the focus of two of those companies today. As I’ve said, I do expect legalisation will help these picks enormously, but as you’ll see, there are plenty of other good reasons why my research suggests you should invest in these specific plays.

That’s why I’m going to make it as simple as possible for you to get your hands on the full details about them today.

In fact, you won’t need to risk a single penny today to get all the information you need to claim your stake in Canada’s potential $22.6 BILLION Cannabis Payday.

Below, you’ll see why this should be, as they say, a complete “no-brainer” for you…even though this opportunity is right out there on the ‘edge of the market’.

Because in my experience, it’s in these ‘edge of the market’ ideas where the REAL money is made.

And look, this isn’t just about what happens in Canada...

The opportunity here is GLOBAL:

Canada will trigger a ‘domino effect’ that could turn this into a GLOBAL opportunity

This is a rare and game-changing chance to get an early head start on a market that I believe will become an unrecognisable GIANT in the future.

According to a 2016 report by Deloitte, the recreational cannabis industry - including tourism, business taxes, license fees, and paraphernalia – is predicted to become worth around CA $22.6 BILLION in Canada…bigger than it’s combined sales of beer, wine and spirits.

But this opportunity is NOT LIMITED by Canada’s market…

What happens in Canada this summer could have a domino effect around the world.

Just look how this is progressing in places like France, Mexico, even Israel:

January, 2017

April, 2018

January, 2017

You can see, Canada fully legalising cannabis for recreational use could be just the first domino.

The knock-on effect could see countries all around the worldlegalising cannabis.

In turn it could catapult the industry to a whole new level. Consider:

  • AUSTRALIA recently made medical marijuana legal…
  • It’s already legal to use it for medical reasons in COLOMBIA...
  • The CZECH REPUBLIC has already made medical use completely legal...
  • In CHILE, you can get marijuana-derived medications as part of your prescription…
  • And in SPAIN, there are now over 500 cannabis clubs and it is legal to grow your own for personal use.

These are just a few examples of how cannabis use is growing.

The three plays I’ve identified for you today could very easily step in and take advantage of this global rollout of legal cannabis – for recreational or medicinal use.

As I’ve said, it’s not just companies that are focusing on recreational cannabis that could benefit. Companies who’ve been working in the medicinal side of the industry could see a serious boost when cannabis is allowed to reach a wider audience.

It’s why I believe the upside potential here could off the scale.

Remember, I’m concerned with near term gains…but I want you to go into this knowing what’s on the table and how big this really could be.

And the point is...from a time when cannabis was pretty much illegal in any form... countries around the world are slowly but surely relaxing laws and moving towards full legalisation.

This is what makes the opportunity Canada presents us with so exciting...

It’s not just the initial boom I expect to see when it’s legalised there this summer...

There is the added opportunity that comes from Canadian cannabis companies gaining the “first mover advantage” when it comes to legalising it for recreational use.

As one online industry publication reported in May 2017:

In fact, one of the companies I’ve identified for you today has already attracted international interest.

Of course, the risk is that other countries lean towards companies closer to home, as opposed to those operating out of Canada. That’s why the recommendations I’ve identified for you don’t just focus on Canadian companies.

But looking for experience makes sense...

Canada is already one of the largest exporters of cannabis used for medicinal purposes around the world...

And as these Canadian companies quickly become established with the “ins and outs” of operating in a legalised ‘recreational’ environment…they’ll be able to offer transitioning countries more support, greater experience and, most importantly, tested solutions to building a legal, government-approved cannabis market.

This is huge.

It gives this first play of ours - a Canadian cannabis company - A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION of profit potential.

And that’s why, as I say, I am putting all my other research projects on hold right now to focus entirely on this opportunity.

I want to make sure my paid members and as many new readers as possible are able to position themselves ahead of people being able to buy recreational cannabis in Canada.

I urge you to take swift and decisive action today.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m going to do all I can to make the decision to get on board with our newsletter as easy for you as possible...and remember you won’t need to commit a single penny to get your hands on the full details.

I’ll explain just what you need to do in a moment.

But naturally...

You might be wondering how I know about this and, if the opportunity is so good, why isn’t everyone taking advantage? Let me address those questions right now...

It’s my job to find opportunities
nobody else can see...

...and this rare chance to piggyback
Canada’s $22.6 BILLION Cannabis Payday is one of the best plays I’ve seen in a decade

Hello, my name is Sean Keyes...

For many years I was an editor for MoneyWeek.

But in 2015 I left to join Agora Financial UK, so I could focus on much more exciting opportunities in the market, just like the one I’m writing to share with you today.

And just like you, I’m looking for ways to grow your money, fast.

Indeed, you may have heard me talking about my ideas on Share Radio, Core Finance TV or at the London Investor Show...

Or perhaps you've read the Edge of the Markets email newsletter I regularly contribute to, which is published daily to over 60,000 private investors...

“I’m regularly invited to talk about the huge potential of small companies at investor events, on television and on radio.”

Fact is, I’m regularly invited to talk on TV and radio about the huge potential of small companies because I’m regularly uncovering such opportunities...

But I have rarely seen an opportunity as exciting as the one I’m sharing with you today…

It seems cliché to say, but this kind of thing just doesn’t come around all too often…

And if too many people find out about these cannabis companies, then it could ruin the opportunity for everyone.

That’s why I’m only going to reveal the full details of how to claim your stake to existing members of my financial advisory newsletter, or any new readers today who are willing to give my advice a go.

It’s called Technology Profits Confidential.

As I said before, you won’t need to commit anything to get access to the special report I’ve put together outlining how to put your money in these cannabis companies...

All I ask is that you subscribe to my newsletter, see if you find it interesting and if not, that’s fine – you can keep the report with my compliments.

And in that case you won’t have had to commit a single penny to get access to this secret opportunity.

Because when you agree to my offer today...

You’ll receive your copy of my exclusive and brand new special report ‘Canada’s $22.6 BILLION Cannabis Payday’ direct to your inbox within the next hour

Most likely, in fact, it’ll be in your hands in a matter of minutes...

Because as soon as you join me today, I’ll be in touch directly with details of how you can download my exclusive and brand new special report so you can see the full details and get on board with this exciting opportunity.

The report is called:

Canada’s $22.6 Billion Cannabis Payday: How You Could Profit From The End Of Pot’s Prohibition. 

And inside you’ll discover:

  • THE LITTLE CANADIAN COMPANY POISED TO LEAD THE WAY IN THE LEGAL CANNABIS BOOM – This is the one company I would encourage every investor to claim a slice of today. It’s already doing great things and I believe it will only go from strength to strength as it expands it’s market in Canada and abroad. Get straight to the details on this one soon as you’ve got the guide. (Turn to page 7)
  • THE FULL STORY BEHIND CANADA’S POTENTIAL $22.6 BILLION CANNABIS PAYDAY AND HOW IT CAME INTO BEING – You’ll learn about the history of how cannabis has been treated in Canada, and how a burgeoning industry has slowly but surely developed to be on the verge of something enormous and how you could piggyback the next wave of growth. (Turn to page 5) 
  • HOW YOU COULD APPROACH THE LEGAL CANNABIS BOOM FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE – Another great company I’ve identified for you in the report will help you position yourself to potentially profit from the cannabis boom in a slightly different angle…but still see the same heady returns that are on the table in this fast-paced and exciting new market. (Turn to page 12)
  • DETAILS OF HOW THE CANNABIS PAYDAY COULD GO GLOBAL OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU– You’ll discover more about how this opportunity is only just the beginning for the cannabis market and how things could soon develop in the coming years to totally transform your portfolio and usher in a whole new industry. (Turn to page 4)
  • And much, much more...

Everything you need to piggyback on Canada’s potential $22.6 Billion Cannabis Payday is included…

Get immediate access to ALL of my very best research without having to commit a single penny – it’s yours today

As I’ve said, this rare chance to piggyback on Canada’s $22.6 Billion Cannabis Payday is a once in a lifetime opportunity…

You’re looking at the chance to get in to what could become a game-changing industry BEFORE most people truly understand what’s going on...

And if you act quickly, you could get in today.

But please, don’t mistake what I’m saying here… 

I DONT just focus on opportunities in the cannabis industry…

Instead, in my newsletter I focus on all the exciting ‘edge of the market’ opportunities that have the ability to make you a fortune…

All you have to do is catch the wave of wealth before it begins.

By giving my publication a go today, you’ll join a small and exclusive group of folks that get instant access to my very best work…

And I’ll be making myself readily available via email to answer any general questions you might have about the markets or any problems you encounter putting your money in these plays.

I mean... sure, the gains can be big, but it’s important to remember that approaching the market like this is riskier – so you need to be confident you fully understand the risks.

I’ll be looking to recommend different size companies…some large, some small. With the smaller types of company that I’ll often look to recommend, their share price can be a lot more volatile so the price can move quickly down as well as up. And because there are often fewer shares available, it can be more difficult to sell your shares if the price moves against you.

It might be that a particular play is relying on the company winning one specific contract or bringing a product to market, for example and if it’s not successful– our play could be in trouble, so I’ll regularly provide you with follow up analysis.

Some of our plays will be in overseas shares, which means that currency fluctuations could affect our gains.

Or it could be that, as with a lot of these ‘edge of the market’ plays, we’re looking at a brand new start up company, which means it could be in a seriously competitive market, so you’ll want to know why this particular company has more chance than another. Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing you’ll learn about in our on-going updates.

That’s why, I don’t think you’ll have any problems, but I want to make sure you can be confident that even if you’ve never put your money in plays like this before in your life...

With my help you’ll be able to.

Not only that, but I’ve prepared a special “welcome package” that – used as part of a balanced portfolio – could help you see some serious gains.

So not only will you be able to download my latest report: Canada’s $22.6 Billion Cannabis Payday...

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A simple, plain English guide to show you step by step how to buy and sell ‘edge of the market’ shares with confidence

Even if you’ve never bought a share before...

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The fact of the matter is, even if joining me today will be your first foray into the world of putting your money in ‘edge of the market’ companies, that’s not a problem. 

I have put together a guide that details all the basics for you: 

From actually explaining what a share is... the full risks involved... to how you go about buying and selling them.

The guide, which you’ll be able to download straight away from the members area, is full of useful tips on how to select the right broker – be it online or offline – and simple explanations of what costs you might incur and how to keep them to a minimum.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s possible it’ll be too late to catch the maximum gains on this once people are able to buy cannabis on the high street.

That means you need to act quickly.

So, to make sure nothing delays you and you can see exactly what you need to do – I’ve put this guide together.

Naturally, if you’ve bought shares before, you won’t need to go over this... but if this is your first time... this will be really useful to you.

The Battery Revolution: How Ordinary Investors Could Profit from the Cobalt Boom"

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Not long ago, cobalt was cheap and abundant.

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I’ve explained the whole situation in this special bonus report called The Battery Revolution: How Ordinary Investors could Profit from the Cobalt Boom.

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The company name... 

Ticker symbol...

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

It’s a great book. And that’s why I want to rush you a copy when you join me today. 

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Weekly alerts - direct to inbox - that will keep you up-to-date on every exciting opportunity I mark out for you

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Indeed, when it comes to the companies I recommend for my readers...

  • You will always know what and when to buy and you will always know how much to buy it for.

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