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Dear Reader,

Your grandfather missed out on electricity, iron, steel, railroads, petroleum. He didn't break the cycle…

He didn’t turn the fortunes of your family around forever.

Your father missed out on Coca Cola, McDonalds, Apple, Microsoft. He didn't break the cycle…

He didn’t turn the fortunes of your family around once and for all.

You yourself have missed out on Amazon, Google, AliBaba, Bitcoin, and Facebook in the past 20 years. You didn't break the cycle…

And you didn’t turn the fortunes of your family – by capitalising on these massive financial opportunities. Three generations in your family have failed to break the cycle… And repeatedly missed out on the biggest financial booms in human history…

Except you can break the cycle now.

For just £37

Just £37 – could make you the one member in your family...

That breaks the cycle...

Of missing out on discovering the biggest financial booms in human history.

The same way that Rockefeller and Henry Ford capitalized on the industrial boom to build their empires…

The same way that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates capitalized on the personal computer boom to build their empires…

And the same way that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk capitalized on the internet boom to build their empires…

You can finally do it too.

But you don’t need to be technical or even involved in those industries.

You don’t need to spend years building a company from the ground up.

And you don’t even need a fortune to get started.

In fact – you can invest as little as £100.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But you could see returns of more than 3000% over the next several years – acting as the cornerstone of generational wealth for you and your family.

And once you’re in, you don’t need to manage or touch anything.

The elite investment firm you’ll be a 'partner' in – simply takes care of it all for you.

You’ll have exposure to the best Pre-IPO deals in the tech industry – without any of the work.

You could be the rare person who capitalized on the tech boom and has an active stake in it – rather than watching from the sidelines.

No longer, will you feel regret at missing out on past deals like Amazon…

Five year data: 2014: -22% | 2015: 118% | 2016: 11% | 2017: 56% | 2018: 28%
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Whereas if you had invested just £100 in Amazon’s IPO in 1997…

Before costs, you would now (as of 31 August) be sitting on £120,762 – which is a gain of 120,662% over the initial £100 investment.

Or if you had invested just £100 in Bitcoin in 2010, when it was trading for £0.08 per coin…

You would now be sitting on approximately £3,437,400. That’s an incredible 3,437,400 % gain in less than 8 years.

And of course, this doesn’t mean these types of extreme gains from well-known examples are guaranteed to be repeated. I’m not promising that.

And I’m definitely not promising quick, massive overnight gains at super-high risk levels which could see you lose a lot of money, very fast.

But over the next 15 to 20 years – I believe you will see returns of 3000% or more.

Your initial investment will continue to grow and slowly become a behemoth – as this elite investment firm starts to take over most of the tech industry.

From artificial intelligence to software, self-driving cars, military robotics and many other future technologies, this investment firm already has a hand in most of the best companies working on these products.

And what I am promising is this...

You will have exposure to the best pre-IPO deals in Silicon Valley – and the rest of the tech industry.

You don’t need to be just a spectator on the sidelines anymore.

You don’t need to just read about the latest tech and business news on Bloomberg with your morning coffee.

With this opportunity – you’ll be a stakeholder in the whole financial boom happening in the tech industry, right now.

So far – I’m sure like many – you’ve missed out on major financial opportunities in the tech industry.

But it’s not even your fault.

I’m sure you have worked hard all your life…

But never had the chance to invest in these explosive financial booms.

How were you supposed to invest in Amazon before it blew up – without having an insider connection?

How could you even predict that you should invest in Uber before it grew so astronomically – without having an insider connection?

And how in the hell could you have known to invest in Facebook – without an insider connection?

The elite investors with these 'insider connections' – have been lucky for most of their lives.

From being born into enormous wealth… Attending the best ivy league schools in the world…

And being able to schmooze with the wealthiest people in the world – they’ve been handed a bucket of luck from the beginning.

It’s no surprise they get 'insider' deals on these companies before anyone else.

Simply put, it’s a closed club – off limits to anyone outside of their circle.

Normal folks have to sit and watch as the rich get richer…

With all the exclusive deals that their privileged circles bring to them.

But you can now beat them at their own game…

You – yourself – can become a 'partner' in one of the most elite investment firms in the world.

I’ll show you how for just £37.

Becoming a ‘partner’ in this firm means you’ll be part of a group… That has pre-IPO stakes worth billions in unicorn start-ups like Uber and countless others…

You’ll be a part of a group that already has more than £225 billion worth of assets under their control.

But of course, it might seem too scary – to break the cycle of missing out on the biggest financial booms in history.

In psychology, it’s called 'The Fear of Success'.

After all, it’s easy to stick with the old because it’s comfortable…

Though some might define doing the same thing over and over again as insanity.

But if that’s how you feel, I’m going to ask you to make the decision…

And remember, this simple £37 decision could be the most important one you ever make.

You’ve really got just two options…

  • DON’T break the cycle in your family… Of missing out on the biggest financial booms in history
  • DON’T gain exposure to the biggest pre-IPO tech deals in the tech industry and DON’T potentially make more than 3000% returns in the coming years
  • GO BACK to your normal life as before, and DON’T take a £37 chance to create extra wealth for your family

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

  • BECOME A 'partner' in an elite investment firm that finds the best pre-IPO deals in the world… Without you needing to manage anything!
  • Potentially make more than 3000% returns in the coming years – on an investment as little as £100
  • BREAK THE CYCLE in your family… Of missing out on massive financial booms, once and for all
  • BE REMEMBERED as the first member of your family to capitalise on the biggest financial boom in history


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being normal.

I’ll say it again – there is nothing wrong with being normal.

But what happens… If you want something more?

What happens if you have an ‘itch’ inside of you… Or a voice…

That tells you that you should aim higher?

Do you ignore that part of you? Do you tell the voice to go away?

I suspect that many (myself included) feel this way sometimes.

They want to be more than normal. But for whatever reason, they never had the opportunity.

For lack of a better word – they never became the ‘uncommon’ person.

And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way… Because the simple truth is this…

If you’re not born into the 'right' family…

If you don’t know the 'right' people…

Or have the ‘right’ education…

It can be hard to get a 'leg up' and become an ‘uncommon’ person.

And it’s not anyone’s fault.

The reality is that life just happens.

Jobs can get in the way too… And we sacrifice lucrative but risky opportunities for stable income.

We don’t take the risk on opportunities – because the stability of our family is the number one priority.

It simply isn’t your fault – or the fault of previous generations in your family that came before you.

Just as you have done – they did the best they could to raise their families.

But that’s why I’m so passionate about the opportunity I’m going to show you today.

I’ll show you how to become the ‘uncommon’ person today.

It doesn’t require any extra work. Neither does it require hours spent at the office – building up a business from scratch.

I’ve laid it all out for you – and I’ll reveal how you’ll become a ‘partner’ in this elite investment firm.

And you can invest as little as £100. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Becoming a 'partner' in this elite investment firm means you immediately become the ‘uncommon’ person.

Why, you may ask?

Because you‘d now be the rare person that has an active stake in the biggest financial boom happening right now...

The technology industry.

I don’t think it needs saying...

But the boom in the technology industry has created wealth like no other before it.

It’s clear that the biggest financial boom ever – is currently happening in the technology industry.

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates – the current two richest men in the world – both made their wealth in technology.

But, here’s the thing…

They both spent years slaving away to create those companies.

But there is a way to get a slice of the pie – without any of the hard work.

That’s exactly where investment firms come in.

They invest in people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg with the money to start their companies – and pick up their gains afterwards.

There’s none of the hard work and long hours at the office – but plenty of profit.

Consider these three billionaire technology investors – who mainly made their money by investing in other people’s ideas…


Marc Andreessen
Investment Firm: Andreessen Horowitz
Net Worth: 1.4 billion USD

The first of which is Marc Andreesen. Setting up an investment firm – 'Andreesen Horowitz' – has seen his wealth grow to $1.4 billion USD.

His most prominent investments have been Facebook, AirBnB, Skype, Twitter and more.

These were all pre-IPO deals, which turned his initial investments of thousands into tens or even hundreds of millions (in some cases billions).

All by investing in the ideas of other people – and simply picking up the gains along the way.


Peter Thiel
Investment Firm: Founders Fund
Net Worth: 2.5 billion USD

Another such tech investor is Peter Thiel. His investment firm is named ‘Founders Fund’ and has seen his wealth grow to $2.5 billion USD.

His investments include Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Palantir and more.

Again, these were all pre-IPO deals that are now worth millions, if not billions.

His pre-IPO Facebook investment alone – in which he bought 10% at $500,000 – netted him roughly $1 billion when he sold the shares.


Chris Sacca
Investment Firm: Lowercase Capital
Net Worth: 1.2 billion USD

And the final example is Chris Sacca, who’s investment firm ‘Lowercase Capital’ has made his net worth grow to $1.2 billion USD.

His most prominent early pre-IPO investments include Uber, Instagram, Twitter and more.

In all three of these cases, these men simply put up a large investment – and let other people do the hard work of creating billion dollar companies from scratch.

They put themselves in a position where they had exposure to all the explosive growth – without having to run the companies themselves.

And that’s the exact type of opportunity I’m offering you today.

You can invest as much or as little as you want – and get exposure to the best pre-IPO deals in the tech industry right now.

And you don’t even need to do any of the 'deal hunting' that these guys did…

When you become a 'partner', you just sit back and let this elite investment firm find all the deals.

You can finally become an ‘uncommon’ person – without even breaking a sweat.

And of course – I’m not guaranteeing that you will see the same extreme gains as these guys had – don’t get me wrong, this opportunity is not the same as building your own billion dollar empire. Remember, if you put in £100 here – the most you can lose is £100.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But I believe that over the coming years – you will see returns of more than 3000% on your initial investment.

And I can guarantee that you will get immediate exposure and be a stakeholder in a company that has some of the best pre-IPO deals in Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech industry.

Let me share with you how you can pass on a true legacy to your kids by seizing this opportunity today.


Have a look around – and what you see might be quite startling.

Simply by observing normal everyday people around you (including yourself), you may just notice…

The average person works hard for most of their life.

But what do they have to show for it in the end?

If they’re lucky, they would have paid off their 30-year mortgage at some point.

Despite creating so much value for the companies they’ve worked for – they barely see a fraction of the profits.

Frankly, you’ll notice that they’re nothing but a ‘cog in the machine’.

I know that will sound controversial, and may offend some people.

But consider this point I will make now...

In companies, there is an official measurement called 'Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV)'.

Yes, companies even have a number called the ‘ELTV‘ – so they can calculate just how much value they can get out of an employee over their lifetime.

So there’s a figure amount attached to the head of every employee in a company – the same way you might consider the cost of a mechanical part in some manufacturing equipment.

Frankly, we are nothing more but ‘cogs in a machine’ to these companies.

Just a dutiful slave.

So even though most people slave away day after day to feed their families… To make sure they have a roof over their heads... To make sure their kids have everything they need...

In the end – all they usually pass on is a paid-off house and a few trinkets to their kids.

But what if instead of passing on just a house…

You could pass on something much more valuable.

What if you could pass on to your kids, a stake in many of the biggest tech companies in the world?

What if, when your kids opened your will – they realized that, through this one company, you have a stake in some of the most influential and wealthy tech companies to have ever been created?

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

And what if… This single investment today – could return more than 3000% in the next 15 to 20 years?

Many people have done this exact thing before.

And the secret to doing it is very simple…

They saw a financial boom – like the one happening in the tech industry currently – and grabbed their stake quickly.


Rockefeller saw the next big financial boom in oil… He grabbed his stake and ended up being worth £316 billion

Steve Jobs saw the next big financial boom in personal computing... He grabbed his stake and ended up being worth £8.06 billion.

More recently, Jeff Bezos saw the next big financial boom happening on the internet... He grabbed his stake and is now worth £108.54 billion.

Rockefeller, Jobs and Bezos all created mind-boggling legacies to leave to their kids, grandkids and beyond.

They are set for good – all because ONE member of their family changed their fate forever.

These men will always be remembered as the DECISIVE member of their family – who turned their fortunes around once and for all.

And these men all had ONE thing in common...

They saw a world-changing financial boom happening in front of their own eyes...

And they jumped on it immediately.

Yet as we speak, one of the biggest financial booms in history is being played out.

Everyone knows what it is... It’s certainly not a secret.

In fact, most of the top current billionaires in the world have gained their wealth from this particular boom.

And it is of course, the tech industry.

But ask yourself this question...

Despite knowing that this financial boom is playing out right now – as we speak – have you grabbed your stake in the tech industry?

Have you even grabbed a tiny stake in it?

Are you capitalising on one of the biggest financial booms in human history?

I’m not saying that you will make billions like the men I showed. In fact, I know you won’t for certain. After all, they were the company founders themselves, and they took a big risk. Many others have tried and failed in the past.

But what I am saying – is that there is a way for you to get lucrative exposure to the biggest tech companies in the world – some at pre-IPO value.

And it’s simply by becoming a ‘partner’ in the elite investment firm I will show you today.

All for £37, as I’ll show you later on.

"I didn’t set my goals high enough" – MULTIMILLIONAIRE WHO TURNED $800 INTO $450 MILLION

Dan Pena is a multimillionaire businessman turned business coach.

In his career as a Texas oil man – he turned a tiny $800 investment into $450 million.

Another time, he turned a tiny $60 investment into $60 million.

He’s killed a brown bear with a pistol and a knife.

He’s killed a water buffalo – after being run down by it and getting up – with nothing but a pistol.

He was the mastermind in charge of a coup to seize Haiti in the 80’s along with the CIA, the Vatican, the US government and Exxon Petroleum. It was cancelled last minute.

And now – in his 70’s – he’s decided to return to his ancestral home, and lives in a castle in the highlands of Scotland.

Dan Pena’s ‘Guthrie Castle’ in Scotland

Like him or not, it’s fair to say… He’s lived a full life and achieved a lot.

But in a recent interview, he revealed one of his biggest regrets.

He said…

"I didn’t set my goals high enough."

After all he had done – he still felt he wasn’t bold enough with his life goals – and that he hadn’t achieved enough.

And he may be an extreme case.

But I sense that a lot of people may feel this way.

Including me. And including you.

Do you have the regret… That you didn’t set your goals high enough?

Or that you haven’t achieved enough in your life?

How many times did you let opportunity go – when you should have seized it?

How many of those opportunities could have finally made you say…

"I’ve made it."

One of the biggest regrets tends to be about financial goals.

Many don’t feel that they’ve ever achieved their financial goals fully.

But what if you could grab one of the biggest opportunities in the tech industry today?

What if you could make one of the best investments you’ll ever make – today?

Because I’m willing to show you – for just £37– how you can become a ‘partner’ in the elite investment firm that has some of the best pre-IPO deals in the technology industry, right now.

And I will show you, right now, just three of the deals they have in place.

But remember, these three deals are already worth billions.

One of these deals is their massive stake in the Chinese version of Amazon.

This investment firm entered the deal before IPO in 2014 and still to this day holds just under 30% of the shares in the company.

Those shares in total are currently valued at nearly £105 billion.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

This particular investment has been called one of the greatest of all time – returning 4399 times the original investment with a percentage gain of 4,399,00%.

It’s the kind of unicorn investment that investors dream of – and yet this is just one of their many fantastic pre-IPO investments.

And for “partners” in this elite investment firm, this particular investment even briefly caused a big 20% spike in the value of their shares when this company went public, and added billions to our elite firm’s net worth.

Experts estimate Ubers IPO will be just under £100 billion

This elite investment firm you can become a ‘partner’ in today – also holds a massive pre-IPO stake in Uber.

Roughly speaking, they’ve acquired more than 15% of Uber – which is already valued just under £100 billion in total – if it IPOs.

And Uber hasn’t even gone public yet... Imagine the potential gains on your initial investment – if you were to become a ‘partner’ today.

As I’ve said, it wouldn’t be the same as if you invested directly in Uber, but still there’s no better way to get exposure to this and other opportunities

One of the most powerful computer chip makers in the world

This investment firm also holds a stake worth billions in the massive chip-design firm.

Their chips are already used in computers and electronic devices all over the world (including most likely in one of your devices).

And they’re now expanding even into providing AI powered chips – which means you would also have investment exposure into one of the biggest future industries of artificial intelligence.

Of course, with tech companies the reward – and the risk – can be great.

If their fortunes fall, they could be stuck with loss making positions they’ll struggle to sell out of. That could mean losses for investors too. And this company has highly leveraged positions as they pursue the best deals – which means that any profits that are made will be highly amplified too.

But these are just three of the investments you’ll have exposure to.

They have countless more investments – and aim to have countless more in the future.

Of course, you should only invest with money you can afford to lose.

Yet you’ll get exposure to ALL of these investments by becoming a 'partner'.

And I’ll show you how – when you join me today for just £37.

But I must warn you...

I’m not promising massive gains in short periods of time.

This is NOT – I repeat – this is NOT a penny stock or anything of the like where I promise you big fast gains with massive risk attached to it.

No, this is a ‘slow burner’ opportunity – which I believe will become a behemoth over time...

As this investment firm continues to swallow up the tech industry.

And by being a 'partner', you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having the exposure to all these tech deals – without any of the hassle of running a company.

However I want to be clear that this is not risk-free.

Having so many “irons in the fire” could mean that the success of future IPOs only has a muted effect on the share price of this company.

What we’re looking to do here is cover all the bases… Getting exposure to higher risk investments without taking on the full risks involved. Of course, a downturn in the tech market or an unsuccessful IPO could knock the value of the shares for a time.

But, you won’t believe how easy it is to join… Once I show you how.

In fact, the whole process shouldn’t take longer than an hour – from start to finish.

But before I show you how you can become a ‘partner’, let me reveal the potentially life changing benefit taking this first step can have for you and your family.


I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before… I’m sure you’ve said it before too…

Hell, I know that I’ve said it myself in the past.

But not anymore.

In fact, I hate it when people say that phrase. Even though I agree with it!

I hate it because it’s often used an excuse.

It’s used as an excuse to not seize opportunity – when it’s right there in front of you.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes many times before (and I’m sure you have as well).

A person will tell you ‘Money doesn’t buy happiness!’...

Only to turn around an hour later and complain about their lack of money!

But I believe we should take full responsibility for our lives – and create our own luck.

Some like Jeff Bezos set up the biggest business the world has ever seen… And some like Peter Thiel simply invest in the biggest businesses the world has ever seen…

But you can take responsibility for your own life…

And create your own luck today…

By letting me show you how to become a ‘partner’ in this investment firm.

And then you’ll realize – just like I did – what money DOES buy you…

No, it’s not happiness.

No, it’s not the shiny red Ferrari you’ve always dreamt of – or the tailored Saville Row suit.

No, it’s not even the big villa on the French Riviera – or the buckets of expensive jewellery you could buy for your spouse.

Can you guess what it is?

I’ll tell you.

Money buys...


And it’s not just one type of freedom.

It’s not just 'Financial Freedom' (though I’m particularly fond of that one).

It’s many types of freedom, such as…

  • The freedom to spend as much time as you want with your family and friends
  • The freedom to do anything you want, at any time
  • The freedom to tell anyone you don’t like to sling it
  • The freedom to live wherever you want
  • The freedom to spend as much time on your hobbies as you want, no matter how silly your hobby may seem
  • The freedom to pursue those dreams you’ve hidden away for so long (such as writing that book, or finally going racecar driving, or even just fishing on a yacht somewhere warm and tropical)

…And pretty much any other type of freedom you can think of.

But as I mentioned earlier – the one I appreciate the most is…

Financial Freedom.

A whole new world opens up when you have financial freedom – when you invest in the right opportunity and at the right time.

You can treat your family – in any which way you please.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to buy a dream watch for a loved one…

Or maybe your Father has always wanted that classic car – but you were never able to get it for him...

In all of these scenarios – one member of the family had the financial freedom to bring the dreams of their loved ones true.

Just through the simple freedom… Of financial freedom.

Ask yourself this…

Do you currently have the financial freedom to do anything you want?

And if the answer is no…

Would you be willing to spend just £37 so that I can show you the best opportunities in the tech sector today, including the one we’ve been discussing here?

If so, please read on and I’ll reveal the details further down…

And again, I must state... I’m not promising that my tip will lead to financial freedom. If anyone tries to sell you an idea that sounds too good to be true, RUN.

If you’re looking for a promise of overnight millions with no risk attached, then stop reading now. No one can tell with 100% certainty how this will play out.

But today, you’ll have the chance to become a ‘partner’ in this firm – and see your initial investment grow to 3000% or more – as the firm continues to dominate the entire tech industry over the next 15 to 20 years.


I know, it’s a rather grand claim to make…

But I truly think that this is the biggest opportunity in the technology industry as of today.

As we discussed earlier, we’re seeing the biggest financial boom playing out right in front of our eyes – in the tech industry.

We’re seeing multibillionaires being created overnight, simply by creating an app.

WhatsApp co-founders, Brian Acton and Jan Koum,
became billionaires when Facebook bought the messaging app

The founders of Whatsapp sold their app to Facebook for a whopping $22 billion.

That means that overnight – each of the 2 founders became billionaires.

Uber cofounder, Travis Kalanick is now worth $5.45 billion

How about the cofounder of Uber – who is now worth $5.45 billion and only in his early 40s still.

Cofounder and CEO of Snapchat,
Evan Spiegel who is now worth $1.4 billion

And what about the founder of Snapchat?

He became the youngest public CEO ever at age 26 – and also cemented his place as one of the youngest billionaires in the world – simply by creating the Snapchat app.

He’s now worth $1.4 billion.

Traditionally these astronomical businesses took decades to build up in brick and mortar form.

But these new technology businesses are creating billionaires nearly overnight.

And all they are selling is pixels on a screen.

But of course, for those types of gains – you either need to be one of the team members of these companies….

Or you can simply be a tech investor.

And even then, you can invest in ONE company and hope it goes up…

But most of the time, it simply won’t.

It’s a numbers game. And you need exposure to many different companies.

That’s exactly why I feel that this opportunity is such a good one.

You’ve got the chance to get exposure to multiple deals on the best tech companies in the world...

Many of the deals being pre-IPO...

And without doing any of the work yourself.

Some deals will turn out successful; some may not.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Simply put, your investment in this elite firm means your investment could grow to 3000% or more in the next several years – without the need for you to do any work.

As a ‘partner’ in this firm – the employees, deal hunters and executives will take care of everything for you.

Already, the company has approximately £225 billion in assets under its management.

It’s aim is to simply have a finger in every piece of technology that humanity will need in the future.

Whether it’s owning massive stakes in the biggest chip makers in the world...

To owning huge stakes in companies working on creating scarily capable robotics.

And that’s before you consider their various partnerships with massive tech companies such as Apple and Foxconn.

Not to mention the partnership they’ve recently formed in order to compete against the likes of Google and Tesla – to create the first fully driverless car.

Simply put, this elite investment firm is set to own many of the future technologies that we will be using.

And I can show you how to become a ‘partner’ in this firm today – all for £37.

But this is why I truly believe this opportunity to be one of the best financial opportunities in the world right now. Especially in the technology industry.

If you want in – you must read the next section and act fast.


There’s one common problem that afflicts everyone in the world.

I guarantee, you have this problem. As do I. And so does anyone who’s ever lived.

We only have a limited amount of time.

Everyone has that exact same problem – limited time.

That’s why you must leverage the right opportunity for maximum gains.

And that’s exactly why – as I described earlier – this is the best opportunity in the world.

By accepting the £37 invitation today – I’ll show you how you’re not just going to be a part of one of the wealthiest investment firms in the world…

But also, the best of the best.

Not only do they have the best deal finders and deal makers…

But they’re now feared in Silicon Valley and the rest of the tech industry – as the 'Big Chip Bully'.

Not only do they have a killer team hunting down the best tech deals in the world…

But they also have a $100 billion fund at their disposal – hence the name ‘Big Chip Bully’.

This is something which has never been seen before in Silicon Valley – or anywhere.

So, not only do they have the best deal makers – but also the biggest fund in the existence.

In fact, the CEO of this investment firm has even stated that despite raising $100 Billion already – they will raise another $100 billion as soon as they finish this fund.

Except – he also mentioned that he plans to spend ALL of that $100 billion in the next two years.

So, every two years, he’ll be raising another $100 billion. To make even more countless investments in the best technology companies in the world.

Simply put, being a part of an investment firm that is willing to spend a $100 billion every two years…

And continues to raise another $100 billion every two years…

Means that you will have your fingers in most of the biggest tech deals on the planet.

And the most remarkable thing is this…

You won’t need to lift a single finger to enjoy these incredible tech deals – after your initial investment is made.

Everything is done for you – as you sit back and enjoy the benefits of being a ‘partner’ in arguably the most elite investment firm.


My name is Sean Keyes – and I’m a technology editor for Agora Financial UK… The London based division of one of the largest independent investment research groups.

For many years I was an editor for MoneyWeek.

But in 2015 I left to join Agora Financial UK, so I could focus on much more exciting opportunities in the market, just like the one I’m writing to share with you today.

We have 29 offices around the world - with more than 800 people working to find the best investment research for independent investors such as yourself.

Our employees range from veteran Wall Street insiders to ex financial advisors of the CIA and the Pentagon. They’re the best of the best in financial research.

It’s our job to provide you with the biggest and best financial opportunities.

And just like you, I’m looking for ways to grow your money, fast.

You may have already heard of my popular newsletter Technology Profits Confidential in various different investment circles – of which regularly receives compliments from subscribers such as...

"Used tip sheets for almost 30 years but none even approaching the superb performance of Sean. Most of us do not have the time or the necessary experience to be able to make informed well researched decisions. Sean does this wonderfully with easy to understand rationale both with the email alerts and the monthly print update… To say I am satisfied is an understatement - I would have no hesitation in recommending to any investor." - Dr. Gordon C

"Since starting with Sean approx. 15 months ago my ISA and pension have both been sitting at approx. 12 to 15% increase. I decided to handle both on my own instead of leaving it to managers who to be fair were achieving 6% a year. I just knew that I could do better with a mentor. Having been with Sean I was proved right... double the profit of professional managers for a fraction of the price. Would recommend it whole heartily." - Adrian

"When I read Sean Keyes article on the method he had devised to select companies to invest in… I was so impressed I immediately joined up. That was some years ago. Since then I have anxiously awaited every month to see what companies he has selected for the portfolio. I thoroughly enjoy reading about the companies and the reasons why he has decided to recommend them. I am amazed at the amount of background work he has to do to present the articles to us." - Stanley

Or you may even know about me through my new best-selling book ‘The Market of 2023: The Five Biggest Investment Stories of the Next Five Years‘ which has already received many rave 5-star reviews on Amazon...

Please hover over the review

Indeed, you may have heard me talking about my ideas on Share Radio, Core Finance TV or at the London Investor Show...

"I’m regularly invited to talk about the huge potential of small companies at investor events, on television and on radio."

Fact is, I’m regularly invited to talk on TV and radio about the huge potential of tech companies because I’m regularly uncovering such opportunities as the one I’m showing you today...

Simply put, it’s one of the best opportunities that I’ve worked on in my career at Agora Financial UK.

Many of my colleagues have agreed with me on this too.

The opportunity that I want to show you today will allow you to get exposure to the best pre-IPO and non-IPO deals in the tech industry.

I’ve laid out all my reasons why I believe this is the case above.

If you take the £37 risk, I will show you exactly how you can become a ‘partner’ in one of the most elite investment firms in the world.

And again, like I’ve said before... This is not the kind of opportunity where you risk all your money in the hopes of massive and big gains. You should only invest money you can afford to lose on any investment.

This is a slow and steady investment – into an incredible investment firm that is poised to have it’s finger in almost every type of future technology imaginable.

From artificial intelligence to software, robotics, electronic chips and beyond...

You will have exposure to all of the best deals in the tech industry – which I believe will directly grow your investment in this incredible investment firm.

You will be able to say that you invested in one of the biggest financial booms in human history.

You will proudly be able to proclaim – that you had an active stake in the technologies of the future.

And this is just one of the companies you’ll discover when you join me today.


I’m looking out for the most exciting opportunities in the tech industry today. Some, like the company I’ve described here, are already big names in the tech world.

Others will be smaller, newer companies that tend to see more volatile share price action – with big swings both up and down. Being less well-known, they may be more difficult and expensive to buy and sell. That makes them more risky investments.

I also look abroad for the next big tech breakthrough, and some of my picks are in currencies other than sterling. This is so you don’t miss out on global opportunities, but the risk is that changes in the value of the currency can affect the share price.

And of course, tech companies face a lot of competition and may rely on contract wins… Or breaking out into new regions. Any delays or setbacks could see their shares fall in value.

Yes, these are risks. Unlike some of my competition who will claim that they’ve got a guaranteed winner every time, just to get their hands on your money, I am fully transparent. Not every tip will be a winner.

My job is to seek out the best tech opportunities so you don’t have to miss out.

No longer will you need to look on as outside spectator.

You will be an active stakeholder – in some of the biggest technologies the world is set to witness.

You will be an active stakeholder – in one of the most elite investment firms in the world.

And I can show you how you’ll become a ‘partner’ in this firm today...

All for just £37.

That’s why I’m only going to reveal the full details of how to claim your stake in this elite investment firm to existing members of my financial advisory newsletter – or any new readers today who are willing to give my advice a go.

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As I said before, you won’t need to commit anything to get access to the special report I’ve put together outlining how to invest (as little as £100) and grab your stake in this elite investment firm.

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The 'Become a Partner in the World’s Biggest Venture Capital Firm' special report will outline fully, in simple terms, how you can…

  • BECOME A 'PARTNER' in an elite investment firm that finds the best pre-IPO deals in the world… Without you needing to manage anything!
  • Potentially make more than 3000% returns in the coming years – on an investment as little as £100
  • BREAK THE CYCLE in your family… Of missing out on massive financial booms, once and for all
  • BE REMEMBERED as the first member of your family to capitalise on the biggest financial boom in history

Every last detail you need to become a 'partner' in this elite investment firm is included.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Following this guide will see you have an active stake in the best tech deals in Silicon Valley and beyond. Not to mention that you could see returns of 3000% or more in the next 15 to 20 years.

But that’s not all I want to offer you.

You see, I’m including three EXTRA bonuses when you take advantage of my offer today – completely FREE of charge…


A free PDF copy of my brand new book, The Market of 2023: The Five Biggest Investment Stories of the
Next Five Years


As soon as you come on board today, I'll rush you a copy of my brand new book, The Market of 2023: The Five Biggest Investment Stories of the Next Five Years.

You won't find it for sale in Waterstones or Foyles.

This is as 'hot off the press' as it comes.

And you'll be amongst the very first to get your hands on this as a member of Technology Profits Confidential.

Inside my first ever book on investing, you'll discover:

  • THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION AND HOW TO INVEST IN IT TODAY: Three huge changes are ripping apart the transport industry: driverless car technology, transport as a service, and electric vehicles. I show you where the industry is headed and the companies best positioned to potentially profit.
  • HOW JAPAN WOKE UP FROM ITS COMA AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE MARKETS: Japan is a sleeping giant. But things are changing there dramatically, and suddenly. Japan is back. And it's an incredible opportunity for investors.
  • WHY THE POT INDUSTRY IS POISED TO BECOME ESSENTIAL TO EVERY DAY INVESTORS: Led by Canada, governments all over the world are nurturing the legal cannabis industry. Hundreds of billions of pounds is moving off the black market.
  • WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ACCESS TO THE INTERNET BECOMES INFINITE: 5G internet will give "the perception of infinite bandwidth". When it hits, it'll re-wire the economy like broadband did ten years ago. I show you the companies that could make billions from its roll-out.
  • THE END OF WORK AS WE KNOW IT AND WHY YOU SHOULD EMBRACE IT: In five years artificial intelligence will be built into our lives like electricity or wireless internet. I show you how it works, what it can do and what it can't, and how you can get in.

Until now, I've been hesitant to write a book at all. But with so much exciting developments happening in the financial markets all at once...

I knew I had to sit down and make sure regular investors had the right information in their hands to be able to take advantage of these exciting new trends.

It's why I've written The Market of 2023: The Five Biggest Investment Stories of the Next Five Years and it's why I want to rush you a digital copy today.

You won't pay a penny extra for the book and no matter what you decide during your trial (more on that later) of Technology Profits Confidential, you can keep it.

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Consider it a thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt and trying out my advice today.

And here's something else you'll get that could be very important when it comes to following my advice...


A simple, plain English guide to show you step by step how to buy and sell ‘Edge Of The Market’ shares with confidence

Even if you’ve never bought a share before...

Don’t worry.

The fact of the matter is, even if joining me today will be your first foray into the world of putting your money in ‘Edge Of The Market’ companies, that’s not a problem.

I have put together a guide that details all the basics for you:

From actually explaining what a share is... The full risks involved... To how you go about buying and selling them.

The guide, which you’ll be able to download straight away from the members area, is full of useful tips on how to select the right broker – be it online or offline – and simple explanations of what costs you might incur and how to keep them to a minimum.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s possible it’ll be too late to catch the maximum gains on this once people are able to buy cannabis on the high street.

That means you need to act quickly.

So, to make sure nothing delays you and you can see exactly what you need to do – I’ve put this guide together.

Naturally, if you’ve bought shares before, you won’t need to go over this... but if this is your first time... this will be really useful to you.


But no doubt – you’ll want to know how to protect your profits from the taxman… Which is why I’ve also included…


Another free special report that shows you 'How To Protect Your Profits
From The Taxman'

Not many know this, but there is a way to LEGALLY protect your profits from the taxman…

So you can completely avoid paying tax on ANY profits you make from your investments.

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No expensive ‘wealth managers’ or ‘accountants’.

You can do this all from the comfort of your own home.

And the ‘How To Protect Your Profits From The Taxman’ guide will show you how to do it from beginning to end!

But that’s not all… You’ll also receive…

Frequent email updates – delivered straight to your inbox on Fridays – keeping you up-to-date on every exciting technology opportunity I find

Over the next weeks and months, I’ll send you my weekly alerts and a printed edition of my monthly newsletter...

The weekly alerts land every Friday on the dot so you know when to look out for them.

These are the perfect means to keep you informed about the best opportunities in the tech market.

Plus, I’ll also use these alerts to communicate any and all new additions to and subtractions from our model portfolio…

And I’ll be in touch with any profit-taking instructions or action to take if one of our plays goes the wrong way.

Indeed, when it comes to the companies I recommend for my readers...

  • You will always know what and when to buy and you will always know how much to buy it for.

Plus, on the flipside, when it comes to exiting a company I’ve recommended...

  • You will always know what and when to sell and you will always know how much to sell it for..

So, please keep your eye on your inbox and remember that when you join Technology Profits Confidential... You’ll never be alone in this venture.

Again, you’ll get everything I’m promising here as soon as you become a member of our community...

Get all my very best advice and every bonus for less than 11p a day!

Normally, it costs just £37 to join Technology Profits Confidential for your first year.

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If this is so good, why am I practically giving it away?

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If you don’t, we go skint. Simple as that.

Remember: unlike some of our competition, our research is 100% independent, so we’re not making any money on the side from companies we recommend.

Instead, I give you all my analysis so you can make your own decision on whether or not to invest in the companies I recommend.

That’s why it’s in my best interests to really over-deliver here, which is something I’m confident I can do in every way.

That’s why Technology Profits Confidential is so cheap.

And that’s why I’m going to add one last clincher to seal the deal and make giving this a go today an absolute no-brainer...

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So, you have absolutely nothing to lose by subscribing right now.

And here’s my unbreakable promise to you…

Very important information about your watertight 365-day guarantee from Agora Financial UK

Try Technology Profits Confidential with absolutely no-obligation for twelve (12) full months…

If you find the research isn’t everything I’ve said and more, you’ll receive a prompt, hassle-free 100% refund.

All you need to do is ask.


I’m sure you agree this is a pretty good deal.

If I don’t deliver, you can cancel and get every penny of your subscription fee back (and you can keep every report AND every bonus you’ll receive).

But if I DO deliver…

This time next year you could be sitting on some serious gains…

And it’ll all be because you made the right decision to just give this a go.


Here's what to do now

Are you ready to see how you can become a ‘partner’ in one of the most elite investment firms in the firm?

Are you ready to grab your stake in the best technology deals in Silicon Valley and beyond?

And are you ready to spend just £37 for your first year (with a no-obligation money back guarantee!) to see how you can be the first person in your family to invest in one of the biggest financial booms happening in the world?

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I’ll deliver your reports immediately so there’s no waiting around.

Simply click the link below to get started…


Best wishes,

Sean Keyes
Technology Companies Expert
Agora Financial UK


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Small company shares can be relatively illiquid meaning they are hard to trade and can have a large bid/offer spread. If you need to sell soon after you bought, you might get back less than you paid. This makes them riskier than other investments. Small companies may not pay a dividend.

Overseas shares - Some recommendations may be denominated in a currency other than sterling. The return from these may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. Any dividends will be taxed at source in the country of issue.

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