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After approval of U.S. Patent 9xxxxxxxx2, one tiny firm struck huge deals with nearly every major tech giant, including IBM and Microsoft

Now they have:

Amazon By
The Balls

This is YOUR chance to piggyback on their success, as they effectively ‘bribe’ their way to ‘dominating’ a predicted
$302 BILLION market
This ‘deal of the century’ could see the firm’s share price
– and your investment – rise a staggering 

Fellow Investor,

Imagine you’re sat at a large, mahogany conference table…

Across from you is Jeff Bezos…cutthroat entrepreneur and billionaire founder of Amazon.

He’s wiping a bead of sweat that’s begun to form on his balding, closely shaved head.

He pushes his shirt-cuff behind his expensive watch, looks nervously around the room and leans forward, palms down on the table.

He’s agitated.

He doesn’t like being in situations like this.

Pardon my French, but right now: “you’ve got him by the balls.”

He is the richest man in the world…

He has stakes in tech giants like Google, Uber, Airbnb.

He is a man who is used to getting exactly what he wants.


But right now, none of that means a thing.

Right now...

Jeff Bezos is leaning across the table begging for YOU to sign a deal with him

Yes, he is pleading to YOU.


Because you have something he desperately needs.

Some argue the future success of Amazon rests on it.

And the best thing is: Bezos is already using the tech you’ve created.

It’s already a part of his business.

And that’s what makes locking down a long-term deal even more crucial for him.

U.S. PATENT 9xxxxxxxx2: Such a powerful tech breakthrough – we can’t even share the full details of it with you here

I’m writing to you today because this imagined scene isn’t so far from the truth…

A small company – with offices right here in the UK – has developed a piece of technology that is, in my opinion, integral to the success of almost every major tech giant out there, including:




They all need it.

They all already use it.

So do household names like Barclays, Bosch and Disney...

EA Sports, Honda and Fujitsu...

And Experian, DELL, and many more.

But thanks to U.S. Patent 9xxxxxxxx2, the one tiny firm I’ll tell you about today – listed right here on the UK stock exchange – effectively has a complete monopoly on the tech.

For the sake of transparency, you can see the approved U.S. patent right here:

As you can see we blurred it, I’ve had to redact parts of it, including the identifying patent number and company name.

This is not because I want to hide anything from you…

Far from it.

I’m desperate to share ALL the details with you today…

This is the most exciting opportunity I’ve come across in recent months. I can barely believe this is on the table myself.

In fact, the work the company does is so unique, if I were to reveal too much detail here, it could cause too many people to rush in and potentially ruin the opportunity for my most loyal subscribers.

I don’t want that.

It’s why I’m going to share as much as I can here so you can make your own mind up if this is something you’d like to pursue.

But look:

If you don’t like the sound of potentially making a 628% gain on your money, please…


And if you don’t like taking risks…

Again, you should seriously STOP READING NOW.

Still with me?


Because this play is super exciting…

This play could potentially return a serious, totally outsized gain to what you’d expect investing in a traditional ‘blue chip’ company…

I’m talking 628% here.

But this play is also very risky.

Nothing is guaranteed and though my research suggests to me the odds are in the favour of this little company striking a new, long-term deal that ‘locks down’ their relationship with Amazon, it is entirely possible it won’t and Amazon will find a way to do without this technology.

If that happens, the gamble here might not pay off. That’s why I only recommend putting spare money into this, money you can afford to lose.

This is a punt that could pay off wildly. But it is still a punt and I want you to be clear on that.

If you are: that’s great news.

Because a long-term deal with Amazon could be game-changing for our little company.

Remember, Jeff Bezos recently became the richest man in the world…

And his company is aggressively buying other companies out in billion dollar deals.

Amazon is a beast.

And if our little guy can ‘get on its books’…my research suggests it could take their current success to a whole new level.

Deals with Google and Microsoft are great – but a deal with Amazon could mean GLOBAL DOMINATION

Our little company has Amazon by the balls because of one specific market...

But hold on…because we’ll look specifically at which market in a minute.

First, get this:

This growing market is predicted to reach a shocking $302 BILLION by 2021.


That’s huge. And it’s something I think you should claim a slice of today.

In fact, because this company is still pretty small, you can claim a decent stake with less than a hundred pounds.

Yet you could be getting in on a play with global implications.

You see, when it comes to this market, a few major players dominate it.

You’ve heard of most of them:

Tech giants Google and Microsoft are two of the main players.

But with a reported 41.5% of the current market share, Amazon is the clear leader.

You can see here how, together, the three companies have pretty much got control over the world:

Source: Atomia - A complete solution for your hosting business

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

To help maintain their position in the market, Amazon needs our guy…our little UK-listed stock.

You see, the technology that our guy has patented with U.S. Patent 9xxxxxxxx2 is the very technology that allows this industry to really work.

Without our guy’s technology…Amazon could lose more and more ground to companies like Google and Microsoft.

Fact is: they’re already catching.

You can imagine:

Jeff Bezos and Amazon don’t want that.

I mean, just look at how big Jeff Bezos’ empire is getting now:


Any market he enters is one he wants to dominate.

And here’s why that’s great news for our little guy.

Google has already struck a deal...

Microsoft has already struck a deal…

So have countless other companies operating in this industry – such as DELL and IBM.

My research suggests it is only a matter of time before Amazon strikes a deal too.

When it does, the little UK-listed company behind this technology could skyrocket.

It’s all thanks to the way this fast-growing industry works...

This is the reason you can watch whatever you want on TV tonight – without recording it or having a DVD

Let me ask…

What are you watching tonight?

Re-runs of Yes, Minister?

Old seasons of Cold Feet?

Something more modern like Making a Murderer?

These days, the choice is endless.

It’s thanks – in part – to the genius software our little company have developed.

You see, the technology behind live-streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime all need this particular piece of software to seriously compete – without it, they’d potentially lose ground to other firms that do have it.

It’s the same for any company who uses streaming technology, or as it’s more widely known: cloud computing.

You see, it’s thanks to this thing called ‘cloud computing’ that you’re able to check your bank balance on your iPhone…

It’s the reason Facebook or Instagram can quickly work out which of your friends are close by or who you might want to connect with...

It’s the reason more and more people ask you to share documents on Google Docs or transfer them online through web-applications like WeTransfer.

Like I say, this transformation in the way we share data is all thanks to what we call ‘cloud computing’.

I mean you’ve heard talk of ‘the cloud’ before, right?

Like most sensible people, you probably think it sounds a bit weird and, like most people, you probably don’t think too much more about it.

I don’t blame you.

It’s a pretty abstract concept. And let me tell you right now…

You don’t need to learn a thing about it today to potentially make money from this opportunity.

It’s why I’m writing to you today.

I want to share my research with you so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the markets for tech breakthroughs like the one I have to share today.

Because when you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll discover dozens of other opportunities just like this.

I’ll show how you can try my newsletter out in a moment...without committing a penny.

First, I want to show you why this one particular company has an edge in this fast-growing ‘cloud computing’ market...

A market predicted to reach $302 BILLION as soon as 2021.

And let me be clear:

There is no reason to be baffled by ‘cloud computing’

All you need to know is this:

Cloud computing allows information from one device to be immediately sent to another device by sending it thorough a centralised ‘cloud provider’.

It looks like this:

Source:Shutterstock Illustration

Let’s take a real life example of it working.

Think about watching a film on Netflix...

Let’s say you want to watch Notting Hill – just because my partner and I watched it the other day.

  1. You go on Netflix and pick the film you want to watch.
  2. Netflix sends a message to a ‘cloud provider’ saying you want to watch Notting Hill.
  3. The ‘cloud provider’ finds the computer where Notting Hill is being stored and sends that information through to your TV.

And that’s really all there is to it.

Your device talks to another device through a central ‘cloud provider’ like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

It really is as simple as that.

Still with me?


I told you it wasn’t too difficult.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Yet by understanding that today, you could soon stand to potentially walk off with a 628% gain.

How’s that sound?

Nice, right? So let’s crack on.

Because the clever bit is that when it comes to transferring information via the cloud, it’s not all sent at once…

The information is ‘streamed’ as you need it.

It’s why we have the phrase ‘streaming service’ to describe companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Fact: it’s the same for any information that needs to be transferred from one device to another. It all goes through a ‘cloud provider’ via the Internet.

As I showed you before: Amazon, Google and Microsoft are the main ‘cloud providers’.

At any one moment, there are mind-blowing amounts of invisible data being transferred by each of these companies back and forth.

If the information stops moving, that means trouble.

It is crucial that cloud providers are able to constantly keep this information moving.

And this is where our little UK-listed company comes into it.

You see, the piece of software they’ve developed helps these cloud providers keep the information moving.

The technical term is ‘continuous replication.’

Our company calculates this ‘continuous replication’ element of the market only accounts for about 10% overall…

But with Google and Microsoft hot on Amazon’s heels, to truly dominate the market, Amazon need this 10%.

This is why, in my opinion, Bezos and Amazon need to do a proper deal with our little company.

Right now, it’s the only company that provides the technology needed to crack the problem.

As we speak, Amazon are using our company’s technology, but haven’t entered into a long-term deal as firms like IBM have done.

But I expect to see a new, longer-term deal soon.

Remember, this software is so powerful, the company had it protected under U.S. Patent 9xxxxxxxx2.

In fact, as I mentioned before...

I can’t reveal here exactly how it works.

It’s so unique; it could give away the company itself.

But when you subscribe to my newsletter today, you’ll receive my full investment briefing that outlines exactly how it works, and details of how you can invest.

Right now, the key elements to understand are these:

  • Our company is in a unique situation where it provides this software to all of the key players in the space...
  • Our company has a contract in place with Amazon already, but they have not struck a deal where Amazon would be marketing their software.
  • My research suggests it is only a matter of time before our company are able to negotiate such a deal with Amazon.

If they don’t, my research suggests this is a sound company that’s worth investing in regardless. The fact is, it already has deals in place with major players such as Google and Microsoft, which it a strong position to be in.

But if they can’t broker a deal with Amazon, I don’t expect to see a ‘take-off’ in the share price. It would be a sound investment, but less exciting.

On the other side of the argument, if they are able to get a deal with Amazon…

It could be a game-changer moment.

It could run to a 3, 4 or even 5-bagger.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

We could be looking at as much as 628% gain inside the next two or three years.

Remember, this is an industry poised to grow to $302 BILLION by 2021…

And as Amazon is reported to own approximately over 40% of the market…

As our little company already has deals with most of the other players, it would put it in an INCREDIBLE position of power.

Like a big game of chicken

How likely is a deal?

That’s the question I’ve been investigating recently.

My research suggests it’s very likely.

The facts as it stands are:

  • Amazon’s competitors in the cloud computing space are already using our company’s technology
  • Amazon have already begun to integrate our company’s software into their cloud technology
  • Our company are strong negotiators as proven by the impressive customers and partners they have already brought on board
  • Thanks to U.S. Patent 9xxxxxxxx2, our company is in a unique position to provide the software required
  • Our company have been known to be able to ‘wait out’ a deal until it is on their terms

The way I see it right now is an old-fashioned game of chicken.

As the bigger firm, Amazon is waiting it out. They see it that they can afford – for now – to keep our company sweating.

Our company is the same.

They’re having plenty of success without Amazon.

They don’t need to rush into a deal.

Like I say, there’s a chance Amazon won’t give in and will seek to find another solution for replacing the software our company provide.

Why this little company makes for a great investment whatever happens with Amazon

I first came across this company a few years ago and I’ve been monitoring them closely ever since.

With the potential of a more substantial, long-term deal with Amazon on the table, I believe NOW is a great time to invest.

But even without an Amazon deal, this company has a lot going for it.

One of the key reasons I think it would make an exciting addition to any portfolio is thanks the fact that other businesses essentially do their marketing for them – at no additional cost.

You see, when a company like IBM enters into a deal to use our company’s software, IBM sell our company’s software to own clients as part of entering into a contract with IBM.

In each case, our company takes a cut.

It’s a great benefit – like a built in referral system that helps our company spread more and more without much additional effort.

As I pointed out before, the company already has deals like this in place with giants like Microsoft and IBM. Amazon would be a huge advance, but it’s still in good standing without the deal.

You’ll be able to read the full investment case in the special briefing I’ve prepared on the company when you subscribe to my newsletter.

To find out how to do so – without committing a penny – just carry on reading below.

That’s the key risk here.

If that were to happen, I don’t believe we would see a big move in our company’s share price.

However, if Amazon does strike a deal, I believe it would be fantastic news for our company and its share price could skyrocket as a result.

But it’s not the only great opportunity I want to share with you today…

This is just one of the exciting tech plays I’ve got for you today

Hi, my name is Sean Keyes…

For many years I was an editor for MoneyWeek.

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Amazon’s Next Acquisition: The Tiny Company Jeff Bezos Needs To Dominate The Cloud Computing Market

During Amazon’s rise to success, its own Jeff Bezos has made some very shrewd purchases...

Rather than waste money researching and building stuff himself, he’ll often go out and just buy a little start-up company who have figured out the bulk of the work and just need some investment to help them get things running smoothly.

But I believe this is the one company that Bezos hasn’t bought that he desperately needs to work with to help expand Amazon even further…

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

And in this special report I reveal the full details of the company so you could buy into it today BEFORE Jeff potentially signs a new deal and sends its share price rocketing.

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It might be that this particular play is relying on the company winning one contract with Amazon as I’ve described here and if it doesn’t get it – our play could be in trouble, so you want me to do some follow up analysis. That won’t be a problem – I’ve already been monitoring this for my current subscribers for a few months, keeping them updated on the situation.

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A special situation report that reveals how you could profit from the coming ‘cannabis revolution’

Right now, the growing legal market for marijuana presents anyone looking to grow his or her wealth with a unique and rare opportunity.

Very few people understand the scope of what the legalization of marijuana will mean...

  • It could help transform the way sufferers of Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy and even Asthma are treated...
  • It could help reduce the amount of illegal and criminal drug operations currently harming society...
  • And it could help generate a huge amount of tax revenue for economies all around the world, including as much as £1 billion a year in the UK…

To begin to understand just how ahead of the game you could be here, consider how little is really known about marijuana in the UK right now.

For example...

Looking at available data from 2016, according to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), the UK produce 95 tonnes of cannabis for medicinal and scientific use.

That accounts for 44.9% of the world’s total production.

Nearly half of the world’s cannabis is produced in the UK already.

Tell me…did you know that?

Did you realise we were ALREADY one of – if not the largest – producer of legal marijuana?

What about this…

It may surprise you, but we are currently the LARGEST exporter of the drug too!

It’s estimated we shift roughly 70% of the world’s total legal supplies from our shores.

Without many even realising, marijuana is a huge business in the UK.

Of course, as far as legalisation is concerned it’s still early days in the UK and five years to see marijuana legal on our high streets is a while away...

But I’m writing today because this story is playing out a much faster pace elsewhere...

And my research shows NOW is the time to move on this.

You see, even though the idea is only in its earliest stages here in the UK…

Full legalisation in Canada is happening already.

And when the new law comes into force towards the end of this year, I believe it could be great news for a handful of companies including the ones I’d like to share with you today.

You see, recently the Canadian government, voted for cannabis to be fully legalised for recreational use, as well as medicinal.

Now it’s just a case of waiting for all the provinces to sort out a retail framework, and then it’ll be put into action, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared will be on 17th October.

Today, I’d like to send you a copy of my ‘Secret £50 Marijuana Blueprint’ as a special bonus for subscribing to Technology Profits Confidential...

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

It contains three penny pot stocks my research shows could shoot up in value as the legal marijuana industry continues to pick up pace globally.

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Inside the report you’ll discover:

  • OFFICIAL PENNY POT PLAY: XXXXX : I believe this company is positioned to indirectly benefit from the effect legalization of cannabis in Canada will have on the medicinal market. They’ve developed a drug derived from cannabis that could be huge for rare, undertreated diseases. And it’s already in phase three of FDA trials. Wider use of cannabis generally could be great news for this firm as it should make regulators, medical professionals, and patients more comfortable with approving, prescribing and using the drug.
  • PENNY POT WATCH-LIST PLAY #1: XXXXX : The second company I’d like to share with you is uniquely positioned in the market and I believe it will benefit hugely from more and more British investors looking to jump on the “marijuana bandwagon” as it gets more and more press here. This is not a typical pot stock as the company doesn’t actually produce any marijuana products, but I believe it’s this fact that gives it an edge. Right now it’s the only one of its kind and if you decide it’s right for you, you could get in before the rest of the industry catches up.
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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

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Small company shares can be relatively illiquid meaning they are hard to trade and can have a large bid/offer spread. If you need to sell soon after you bought, you might get back less than you paid. This makes them riskier than other investments.Small companies may not pay a dividend.

Overseas shares - Some recommendations may be denominated in a currency other than sterling. The return from these may increase or decrease as a result of currency fluctuations. Any dividends will be taxed at source in the country of issue.

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