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The NASDAQ Exchange Calls It:

“The Biggest Investment Opportunity In Years”

Yet, Most Investors Are Unaware It Even Exists…
This Gives You A Small Window of Opportunity
To Invest Early In What I Believe Is…

The Catalyst That Will Fuel The Next Technological Revolution

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In The Coming Years
And, I’ve Identified 3 Little-Known Stocks Who’s Value Could Skyrocket Up To 229% As This New Revolution Rolls Out...

The printing press… electricity… the internet…

Each of these technologies catapulted society forward.

Now – in 2019 – you’re about to witness the fourth technological revolution and it could cause quantum leaps forward in dozens of different sectors.

Healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, communications, finance, construction, transportation, gaming…

These sectors (and more) all stand to be radically re-imagined thanks to this next technological revolution. In fact, a report by consumer research firm IHS Markit found it would positively impact almost every industry, generating trillions in revenue.

There’s just one problem…

Although this breakthrough new tech promises to be a complete game-changer, many investors are mistakenly undervaluing the potential wealth it could create.


Well, quite simply, they find it almost impossible to wrap their heads around the paradigm shift it could potentially unleash.

You see, this next technological revolution could – quite literally – turn science-fiction into reality. As the BBC show Click explains:

And, as it catapults our society into the future…

… it could grow the global economic output by an estimated $12.3 trillion, handing early investors a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a true technological breakthrough.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Today, I’m going to reveal the technology powering this revolution… prove to you why it’s such an important advancement… and most importantly… show you three unique ways you can potentially take home windfall profits as this ‘Fourth Revolution’ unfolds.

But first, let me briefly introduce myself…

My name is Sean Keyes.

I’m the bestselling author of The Market of 2023, investment director at Technology Profits Confidential and prior to that, I was a managing editor at MoneyWeek.

As an analyst, my job is simple…

… to help you invest in those rare, undervalued companies that could experience exponential growth and return your investment several times over. And, for years now, I’ve been successfully doing this.

Now, you may have noticed I’m talking about tech companies?

Well, there’s a good reason for this...

You see, in my opinion, no other market is as exciting, potentially lucrative, and fast-growing as the technology sector.

Just consider this: back in May 2018 Fortune 500 published a list of their 10 most valuable companies… 4 of the top 5 are technology companies (and I’d argue that Amazon is one too).

What’s more, tech is becoming more intertwined in our society than ever before.

Just look around you. Tech companies are creeping into every part of our lives. They entertain us. They transport us. They employ us. They inform and connect and spy on us. They clothe us. Soon they’ll even feed us.

But what excites me the most about investing in the technology sector is how fast your returns can come rolling in

If you’re able to get in and out at the correct time, you can watch your investments snowball at dizzying speeds. In other markets, you may have to wait for 10, 15, even 20 years to see the same returns that tech stocks can deliver in a fraction of the time.

For example, just look at how quickly these well-known companies hit a $1 billion valuation…

And, there are dozens of other examples like this.

Of course, I’d be remiss to ignore that investing in tech comes with its own risks too.

You see, although these small tech companies’ stock prices can move at lightning speeds, they can be risky. And while they may seem like ‘sure things’ – they’re often not.

So, when investing in the tech sector, you must always remember this.

Now, that aside…

I want to let you know that I believe all the technological advances we’ve seen in recent years pale in comparison to what’s hurtling towards us right now because…

The World Is On The Brink of The
Next Great Technology Revolution

Although this sounds hyperbolic... I assure you, it’s not.

But, I don’t just expect you to take my word for this.

Instead, I intend to prove it to you.

Then, I’ll show you how to invest in this ‘Fourth Revolution’ and potentially turn a small stake into a huge fortune with three unique investment opportunities.

In just a moment I’ll share all the details.

But first, to truly demonstrate the transformational power of new tech., I’m going to highlight the impact of the previous three technological revolutions.

Three Inventions That Shaped Our Society

#1. The Gutenberg Printing Press

Before the printing press, knowledge was exclusively the purview of powerful elites.

In Europe, there was only ~20,000 books in existence - most of which were owned by the Church. For the regular person, your wisdom was restrained to the town you lived in, your personal experiences, and the stories passed down from generation to generation.

However, in 1450, Johannes Gutenberg developed what would come to be known as one of the most important inventions in human history…

By developing a system for mass producing books (instead of handwriting them), The Gutenberg Printing Press allowed books to be produced faster, more efficiently and more affordably.

This new availability of books and dissemination of information led to a huge social and cultural revolution. In fact, it is quite possible that without Gutenberg’s Printing Press, there would have been no Renaissance, no Industrial Revolution, no Technological Revolution, and no modern, western Democracy.

As Mark Twain wrote:

What the world is today, good and bad, it owes to Gutenberg”.

#2. Electricity

Try to imagine life without electricity…

Everything we take for granted would disappear.

Communication, transportation, television, social media, the internet, indoor lighting, fridges, freezers, mobile phones… none of it would exist without the discovery of - and the ability to harness - electricity.

Simply put, without electricity our current society would not exist. What’s more, without electricity, we wouldn’t have what I believe is the third greatest tech invention…

#3. The Internet

Although still relatively young, the internet has changed the world in unimaginable ways and become as indispensable as electricity.

It completely shifted our society and led to thousands of other inventions that shape our lives. Education, communication, travel, business, finance, romance, it’s all been shaped by the internet.

Again, try to imagine what your life would look like without the internet… it seems like an archaic world, but it was normal just 30 years ago.

However, these days you walk around with – quite literally – a supercomputer in your pocket that you can use to: order food, buy and sell stocks, hail a cab, book flights, chat with people across the world, watch movies, download music… and on the list goes.

As you can see, the importance of these inventions wasn’t just their revolutionary nature…

… it’s the ripple effect that each of them caused.

And, just like the printing press, electricity and the internet this ‘Fourth Revolution’ will directly impact and drive many new innovations. As Stephen Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm says:

Furthermore, this new technology won’t just drive innovation in one industry. Instead, it will be critical to the advancement of dozens of different sectors.

As financial analyst, Brett Aitken recently wrote in a letter for Stansberry Innovations:

The Key That Unlocks The Future

For years, our sci-fi books and movies have promised a futuristic society…

And while we’ve made massive leaps forward, we still fall short of what’s been promised to us. However, with the arrival of this ‘Fourth Revolution’, we could finally start to see science-fiction become reality.

I’m talking about advanced technologies morphing into our everyday, take-it-for-granted tech.

  • Safe Self-Driving Cars
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Holographic Video Calls
  • Drone Delivery Services
  • Remote Surgery & Telemedicine
  • Smart Cities & Towns

It’s all possible thanks to the Fourth Revolution.

What’s more, it’s estimated by researchers at IHS Markit that it will power £9 trillion in economic growth by 2035… not to mention O2 has recently forecast an estimated £6 billion a year in productivity savings for the UK.

And, according to a recent GSMA report, the rollout of this new tech will be the driving force behind economic growth in Europe, with the European Commissioner for the Digital Economy, Günther Oettinger exclaiming:

Now, as the excitement for this paradigm shifting technology builds, you have the rare, time-sensitive opportunity to invest before it goes mainstream.

However, before I reveal the technology at the forefront of this revolution, I need to reiterate one crucial point…

With certain advancements, it can be difficult to truly grasp the reverberating impact they’ll have on our society. Due to this, I fear many investors are going to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as they underestimate the changes it will usher in.

I don’t want that for you.

Because I truly believe this technology is the biggest breakthrough since the discovery of the internet. And, in just a moment, I intend to prove it to you.

But, please don’t just take my word for it…

“A Game Changer For Humanity”
The Financial Times

“The Biggest Investment Opportunity In Years”
FINSUM for NASDAQ Exchange

“Simply Put, It’s The Biggest Technological Shift You’ll See This Decade”
Jeff Brown, Angel Investor

“The Next Tech Revolution”
USA Today

“It will create trillions in new wealth and millions of new jobs and will serve as the fundamental building block for new technologies we haven’t even dreamed up yet.”
Ray Blanco, Technologist

“A Paradigm Shift... The Next Technological Revolution”


The Fourth Revolution

So, what is this ‘game-changing’ technology fuelling the next technological revolution?

The answer is 5G Data.

That’s right, the technology that could trigger a quantum leap forward in society is the next generation of mobile communication.

But – please – don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just about faster download speeds, better mobile service or really anything to do with your mobile phone.

It’s much, much more important than that…

As the BBC show Click, explains:

“5G will be the backbone of all those futuristic technologies we’ve been long promised.”

You see, 5G Data isn’t just an upgrade or improvement. Instead, it’s a new General Purpose Technology’ with the power to shift our entire culture. As The Economist puts it, these General Purpose Technologies can:

Why This Quantum Leap Forward
Could Hand You Windfall Profits

Since 1979 we’ve been using mobile data with more and more frequency.

And one of the major roadblocks we’ve always faced is that mobile data is not fast enough, stable enough or reliable enough. Now, on a day-to-day basis this may not seem all that important… slightly infuriating, sure… but still, not that important.

But, here’s what most people don’t know…

Behind the scenes, this slow, spotty and unreliable data transmission has been blocking many futuristic advancements that require faster, more consistent connections.

However, with the rollout of 5G these problems may no longer exist.

You see, 5G data transmission and stability is light years ahead of anything we’ve ever experienced – even you’re home Broadband connection.

As you can see below, it dwarfs 4G…

Source: Theoretical downlink speeds envisioned for 5G as of 2015. © GSMA Intelligence

To put this increase in speed into real-life context, communication company Verizon report that you’ll be able to download a full movie in just 15 seconds (that’s downloading, not streaming).

But, it’s not just about download or upload speeds...

Latency – (how long a network takes to respond to a request) – is also a critical factor in 5G ushering in these futuristic advancements.

You see, if the request time (latency) is not almost instantaneous, then things like self-driving cars, remote surgery, augmented/virtual reality, and drones are simply not possible at scale.

Just consider the importance of latency for an autonomous car:

Your car is moving at 100Km/hour…

At this speed you will travel 27.6m every second or 2.7cm every millisecond.

Up ahead, the car ‘sees’ an unexpected event. It has mere seconds to ‘read’ the situation, make adjustments and keep you safe.

In life or death situations like this, you can see how crucial latency is. But currently, on 4G our devices cannot communicate quickly enough.

But, as you can see below, the latency with 5G theoretically drops to 1 millisecond.


With the faster speed, more stable connection, and near-instant latency, 5G could catapult us into a futuristic society of telemedicine, augmented reality, autonomous cars, delivery drones, and smart cities.

As Melissa Arnoldi – the President of AT&T Technology & Operations – at the start of 2018 said:

It’s such an important technology that it even appeared in a White House National Security Report. What’s more, President Trump has even considered nationalizing the 5G networks.

Source: Tech Crunch

Now, you may be thinking this all sounds great, but what’s the real-world financial impact of all this… and… how can I profit from it?

Well, in just a moment I’m going to show you three unique ways to ride the 5G Rollout to Riches, but first I want to reveal some of the stunning economic projections for 5G:

  • Accenture estimates 5G and smart cities will create 3 million new jobs and a $500 billion annual boost in GDP as telecommunications operators invest $275bn in the new technology.
  • Ericsson estimated in 2017 that globally 5G will be worth $1.2 trillion by 2026.
  • Qualcomm estimates 5G will support the production of up to $12.3 trillion (£9 trillion) worth of goods and services by 2035.
  • Tech analysis firm IHS Markit predicts 5G will create $3.5 trillion of output value chain… 22 million new jobs… spur $200 billion in annual technology and infrastructure investment and enable $12.3 trillion in global economic output by 2035.

Now, as you can see, these estimates vary slightly in specifics.

There’s two reasons for this:

Firstly, each firm has their own unique research process.

Secondly, the truth is, no-one is 100% certain what economic impact 5G will have.

But, as you’ve seen today, one thing is clear…

5G will change the world as we know it and could make early investors a fortune!

And today, you have the limited-time opportunity to be one of those pioneering investors as the ‘Fourth Revolution’ unfolds.

3 Ways To Ride The 5G Rollout To Riches

So far I’ve showed you how 5G could revolutionize our society… why it’s such a breakthrough new technology and the financial and economic boom it could trigger…

… but I’ve still to show you how to profit from the 5G rollout!

Since early 2018, I’ve been carefully analyzing this sector.

I’ve spent countless hours investigating the key players in the space, searching for those unique investments that can return 182%, 113% and even 229% over the next 1 to 2 years.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

And, after months of work, I’ve finally identified three unique ways you can ride the 5G rollout to riches!

Now, before I introduce you to these three investments, I want to remind you that any investing involves a certain degree of risk. There are no guarantees of success and you could see your investment drop in value.

This is why you should only ever invest what you’re comfortable losing.

What’s more, please remember that despite the potentially fast and large gains tech stocks can deliver... a lot of small companies never succeed. Even though they may sound like a “sure thing”, the truth is small company shares are volatile.

Now the obvious has been said, here’s how to potentially profit from what NASDAQ calls:

“The Biggest Investment Opportunity In Decades”

#1. The 5G Patent Play

Chances are, you’ve never heard of this company.

It’s rarely mentioned on the news, by financial pundits or on any major media outlet.

But, you use their technology every single day. As does pretty much every single person you’ve ever met. You see, this little-known company owns certain pieces of intellectual property that are in every smartphone on the planet.

Thanks to this, they’ve been quietly collecting billions as all the major technology companies pay them for the crucial patents and IP they own.

But I believe things are just starting to heat up for this ‘patent play’…

Because over the coming years, billions are expected to flow into the development and rollout of 5G devices, data and communication. As this happens, this one company could take a cut from EVERY NEW phone or 5G device that’s manufactured...

Gloabal 5G smartphone shipments to grow from
2 million units in 2019 to an impressive 1.5 billion in 2025

What’s more, mobile data usage is expected to surge even higher.

In fact, Cisco predicts mobile data usage will skyrocket 700% by the year 2021.

Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic, By Type
In exabytes

Source: Cisco, BI Intelligence

As this growth in both devices and data continues its relentless march forward, I believe this one ‘5G Patent Play’ company will explode in value.

You see, they have the upper hand on companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei who all need to pay to use their crucial patents. Best of all, while these big tech companies are sinking billions of dollars in R&D, manufacturing and marketing…

… this one under-the-radar company will be getting paid every single step of the way.

Licensing and selling their patents have already earned them $4,700,000,000 over the past decade against only $700 million spent developing them.

These insane margins have dubbed this company one of the world’s most profitable companies on a per employee basis… earning nearly $1,000,000 per employee in 2013.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

But, as I said, things are just heating up and I predict this company’s stock price to soar 113% as billions flood into the 5G rollout.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to get the name of this company, the ticker symbol, and my suggestions on how to invest in this ‘5G Patent Play.’ Before that though, I want to reveal the second 5G opportunity I’ve uncovered for you…

#2.The 5G Property Play

5G has one major weakness…

… a weakness I’m going to show you how to exploit.

You see, despite how impressively fast and stable 5G is, the signal cannot travel far and is easily blocked by obstructions such as buildings, trees and cars. Just consider this:

  • Current 4G cell towers can broadcast their signal over 40 miles.
  • On the other hand, 5G cell towers can only broadcast roughly ½ mile.

Range Comparison

Due to this poor range and easily disrupted signal, it’s expected that 5G towers (often called ‘nodes’) will be required on almost every street corner. In fact, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler believes millions of new nodes will spring up to handle the traffic.

You Can Already Spot These 5G Nodes Popping Up

This infrastructure build will require billions to be spent.

Luckily for you, I’ve found the company that could get the lion’s share of these infrastructure contracts.

Why? Well, there’s two specific reasons:

  1. They already have all the key mobile data companies as clients.
  2. They’ve already have 30,000 5G nodes under contract

And, I believe they’re primed to secure even more.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

So, if this plays out as I expect, this one property-development company will experience unprecedented growth of 182%, sending their share price skyrocketing as 5G is rolled out around the world.

Below, I’ll tell you how you can find out the name of this company, the ticker symbol as well as my recommendations on how to invest in this ‘5G Property Play’.

#3.5G Royalty Riches

It’s easy to forget that the technology we see, touch and interact with is just one part of the device. Inside, our devices are hundreds of critical components, each implementing a specific process.

Take the computer chip inside your smartphone, for example.

It’s an essential piece of hardware that all smartphones require and as the number of mobile phone users continues growing…

Source: Statista

One company will get paid a royalty every with almost every single device sold.

This company has a portfolio of over 130,000 patents and gets paid royalties of up to 5% per phone sold by companies like Apple and Samsung. Last year alone their licensing business earned them over $6 billion with an insanely-profitable 85% operating margin.

What’s more, this company owns 15% of the patents for 5G (more than any other company in the world) and will be able to charge a royalty of 3 to 5% for each 5G device sold… which could be as many as 1.5 billion by 2025 according to Strategy Analytics.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

By investing in this company now – while it’s still underpriced – you could watch your investment soar as much as 229% during the 5G rollout.

And I’m not the only one who sees this play...

Recently, a well-known hedge fund manager publicly predicted this stock will double in the coming years.

Now, with these three unique investment approaches, I believe 5G could be the BIG technology play of 2019. As an early investor you could see your initial stake soar in value as the impact of this revolutionary technology is fully understood.

Which Is Why I’m Writing To You Today

You see, I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand-new report.

Inside it reveals each of these three unique investment opportunities in careful detail. It’s called…

Riding The 5G Rollout to Riches

How To Invest In The Next Technological Revolution


And today, I want to send you a free copy!

Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to invest in what could be the next great technological revolution – 5G Data. Riding The 5G Rollout to Riches is written in a clear, easy-to-understand, jargon-free way that explores this breakthrough new technology in depth.

Inside this hot-off-the-press report you’ll discover:

  • Why 5G is so important to our society.
  • Why it will unleash a flurry of innovative new products and services.
  • The three companies that could return up to 229% in the next 1 to 2 years.
  • And, much, much more.

What’s more, inside Riding The 5G Rollout to Riches you’ll also get a step-by-step guide to investing in the three 5G opportunities I outlined today:

  1. The 5G Patent Play
  2. The 5G Property Play
  3. 5G Royalty Riches
Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

You’ll see how each of these three investment strategies could potentially turn a small stake into huge, windfall profits.

I believe each of these currently undervalued companies will soar in value as 5G is rolled out. And right now, you can get in BEFORE it goes mainstream. All this and more is revealed inside Riding The 5G Rollout to Riches.

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First, it was Apple on Thursday, August 2nd.

Then, just one month later on Tuesday, September 4th, Amazon hit the once unimaginable milestone of $1,000,000,000,000.

Source: Thomson Reuters
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results
Five year performance for listed stocks shown above can be found at the end of this letter

And, as you can see above, several other companies are hot on their tails.

The one thing they all have in common?

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Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

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Remember, 5G isn’t about faster data…

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

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Read all the research I provide in full and only invest with spare capital you can afford to risk losing.

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5G Royalty Riches The One Company Who Owns The Tech That Power All Your Phones.

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Bonus #2:
Amazon’s Next Acquisition


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  • The 3 Dramatic Changes Ripping The Transportation Industry Apart! Discover why the future of transportation is a huge opportunity for early investors and how the industry will look within 5 years.
  • Japan Rises Again! Ever since 1990, Japan’s economy has been in a coma. But the sleeping giant is about to wake up and it’s ushering in incredible opportunities for investors who know where to look.
  • The End of Prohibition! As cannabis continues to be legalized all across the world, this remarkable plant is set to revolutionize several industries and flood the market with billions of pounds… I’ll show you how to profit from the end of prohibition.
  • Why AI Is The Future of Work! Whether you want to believe it or not, AI is going to become embedded in every aspect of our lives very shortly. In this section, I’ll reveal how it works, what it can do, what it can’t do and how you can profit from the rise of AI.

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This book is a lively and interesting analysis of what the world will be like over the next few years. It's not as dense as some investing books and its more detailed than the other sci-fi type books.
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— Ed N.
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Please hover over the review

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The Battery RevolutionHow
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Electric cars are the future.

After Tesla changed how we view electric vehicles, all the major manufacturers are now making a push for battery powered cars:

What’s more, governments around the world are calling for electric cars to be the future:

  • The UK has pledged that half of all car sales will be hybrid or electric by 2030.
  • Denmark aims to ban diesel and petrol car sales by 2030.
  • Last December, Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City said they would remove diesel cars and vans by 2025.

There’s just one problem with this…

Cobalt, a crucial metal for the manufacture of car batteries is running out. As Forbes magazine wrote “the world’s cobalt supply is in jeopardy.”

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results

Over the coming years, there is going to be a desperate scramble for this rare, fast-depleting metal that’s essential to the manufacturing of batteries. For investors like you, this represents a huge profit opportunity… if you know how to play the market.

Inside ‘The Battery Revolution’ I’ll show you step-by-step how to profit from the cobalt demand boom, including the company set to explode in value over the coming years.

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The Financial Times called 5G:
“A Game Changer For Humanity”

FINSUM for the NASDAQ Exchange declares 5G is:
“The Biggest Investment Opportunity In Years”

USA Today says 5G is:
“The Next Tech Revolution”

This will hand early investors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You see, not only will 5G potentially trigger the next technological revolution, it will also fuel trillions of pounds in revenue across several different sectors. In fact, the GSMA states will be the driving force behind economic growth in Europe.

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