If I could guarantee you one of these every month starting today, which would you pick first?

Well, right now I’m going to show you the same technique my 3,000 followers use to treat themselves to little luxuries like these on a regular basis…

Every time you use it, you’re absolutely guaranteed to bank a profit – and I’ll reveal the ENTIRE strategy in this very report, so you can start treating yourself too


Dear Reader,

We’ve all got our eye on one little luxury or another…

But sometimes finding the money to pay for them can be virtually impossible.

After you’ve done the weekly shop…

And paid all the bills for the month…

There’s often barely anything left to pay for the things that actually make you happy.

Maybe that sounds familiar to you…

And if it does, you’re not the only one.

I was in a similar position myself not-so-long ago…

And I still get messages all the time from my 3,000 followers about how tough things were before they started banking guaranteed profits with this simple technique.

Like this one from Andrew, who cleared his credit balances in just five months thanks to the £11,408 my approach has made him:

That’s over £2,000 a month.

Then there’s Mike, who’s made over £4,000 without even really trying:

And this student, who’s paid his tuition fees, covered his Borussia Dortmund season ticket and booked THREE holidays with his girlfriend so far… and that’s just doing this part time:

Plus, I do this myself…

The adorable kittens I treated my other half to out of my RISK-FREE betting profits this month

And just last month I got my other half a pair of adorable kittens with the proceeds.

Of course, how you spend your guaranteed profits is up to you – perhaps you’re more of a dog person.

But as you’ll soon see, every single one of my 3,000 followers is making substantial tax-free profits from this…

And you’ll find everything you need to start doing the same in this exclusive Agora Members report.

I’ve spelt out my ENTIRE system for banking GUARANTEED from betting profits in this report.

It contains everything you need to start banking guaranteed profits right away…

So once you’ve gone through it and discovered the RISK-FREE technique I’ve laid out for you:

You’ll be able to start treating yourself on a regular basis.

Thanks to the approach I’ve laid out for you (in full) in this report, you could easily secure your first GUARANTEED profit before you go to bed tonight.

But the funny thing is…

It’s actually the bookmakers themselves who make it possible to bank £400-£1,000 a month using this risk-free betting approach.

And right now, I’ll show you how.

This is how to bank guaranteed betting profits – this report contains EVERYTHING you need to start banking guaranteed profits right away

You’ve probably seen Shane Warne on telly, offering you £88 to bet with 888 Casino.

Right now it seems like the bookies are handing free bets out left, right and centre.

It’s amazing how many are out there these days:

If it’s not Shane Warne advertising casino offers… it’s the Ladbroke’s man yelling at Chris Kamara to bet on the football… or Ray Winstone giving you the latest Bet365 live odds.

Maybe you’ve even enjoyed placing one or two of them in the past – I know I have.

Football is on! Ladbroke's touting another £50 free bet

Here’s the thing, though:

When most people use a bookie offer, they just throw that free money away betting on exactly what the bookmaker wants them to.

You see, after a bookie gives you a free bet with one hand…

They’ll try and take it right back (and then some) with the other.

That’s why they always have a selection of promoted bets in their shop window – because those are the wagers they reckon are bound to lose…

Fernando Torres to score first at 4/1: that’s been a shoddy price since 2011. Tottenham to win the league: no chance.West Ham to beat Man City 7-0: you get the picture.

But even if you’re smart and find a bet that does have a fair chance of winning – why take the risk?

Because here’s something you might not be aware of:

If you’re really clever you can turn those free bets into GUARANTEED profits.

And right now – in this very report – I’ll show you how.

I’m not talking about a few one-off windfalls here either…

This is something you can do to generate a tidy extra income for years to come.

I’ve already helped over 3,000 sports bettors substantially boost their monthly income using this proven betting approach – people like Duncan, who’s made around £3,000 without even breaking a sweat:

Claire, who’s bagged £4,600 already to go towards her wedding, and to spend on her kids:

And Stuart, who’s made a fantastic £8,000 since September – which has meant he can enjoy a couple of relaxing holidays, and pay for some much needed repairs to his BMW:

There’s literally hundreds of great stories like this in my Facebook group… not to mention all the emails I get on a daily basis from my legion of followers.

And in this free report I’ll show you exactly how this proven approach works, so you have everything you need to start doing it yourself.

There are websites out there that would charge handsomely for this information, but I’m going to show you everything you need to know free of charge.

But before we go on, I want to make one thing absolutely clear:

Once you’ve looked through this report, you'll know how to start profiting from this proven technique…

And you’ll be able to go out and bag your first guaranteed profit before you go to bed tonight.

That said, I’ll also briefly show you a service I run that makes things even easier, and you might want to join that too…

But I must stress, once you’ve seen the approach I’ve laid out for you in this report, you’ll be able to start profiting right away.

1,000s of our readers do this already – and simply by following the easy steps I’ll spell out in this report, you can start profiting as well

As I say, I’m not going to ask for a penny of your money today

Instead, I’m going to show you how to do this step-by-step, so you can start profiting from your own risk-free bets.

You see, I’ve been helping Betting Rant editor, Matt Houghton pocket around £400 a month doing this since I started my service in early 2013.

I met him a few years ago, and we really hit it off.

He loves what I do – and so he started recommending me to his readers.

Since then, literally 1,000s of Betting Rant readers have started doing this and earning £400-£1,000 a month from it.

When Matt saw how much people loved my risk-free approach, he asked me to write this free report – so that everyone can see exactly how it works…

And so that even people who aren’t using my service yet can know there is a proven way to generate a guaranteed income from sports betting.

Best of all: once you've seen how this works, you should find it easy…

Because it works by exploiting a simple loophole that lets you turn bookie offers into guaranteed profits.

There’s no need to bother with any ridiculously complicated system for picking winning bets. (This works no matter what bet you actually decide to place.)

And even if you’re a total sports betting novice, I’m confident you’ll find this easy.

I’ve taken great care to spell out how everything works in clear, easy-to-follow steps, so you’ll have no trouble extracting those guaranteed profits…

Just like this incredible guy, who sent me this touching message saying he hasn’t been able to work since his stroke, and that the extra £1,000 he’s made from this has been a real help:

And if you decide to join my full service, you could easily pocket £400-£1,000 a month from this too – even if you’ve never placed a bet before in your life.

As Arthur says, anyone could easily join my service and substantially boost their  monthly income:

What’s more, once you’ve made a start you can expect to take home a substantial extra income every single month – just like Colin, who’s up £11,900 so far:

Now, some of what you’ve seen so far may sound a little familiar to you…

Especially if you’ve already used another service I run called Bonus Bagging, which helps people make £500 in a month using a similar risk-free betting approach.

Bonus Bagging was a huge success, but after a while the money dries up…

That’s obviously not ideal, and it’s something I’ve dealt with in this new approach I’m sharing with you today.

You see, what I’m about to show you is based on a lot of the same principles as Bonus Bagging, but there’s one key difference:

You can use this to generate a substantial income month after month

The bonuses will never dry up.

In fact, it uses a whole different range of bookmakers to Bonus Bagging.

And as you’ll see shortly, starting today this simple risk-free technique could bag you an extra £400-£1,000 a month for years to come…

Over 21,000 punters grabbed a guaranteed £500 thanks to Bonus Bagging – but you can use this new approach again and again to make that (and more) every single month

As I say, Bonus Bagging was my first great success…

And I’m very proud of what I achieved with it.

I proved conclusively that ANYONE can profit from risk-free betting…

And helped over 21,000 people bag an easy £500 in the process.

But this new approach is my greatest achievement yet – and that’s why I’m so excited to be able to share it with you today.

As you may have guessed already, what I’m about to show you involves something called ‘matched betting’.

But if you’ve not heard of matched betting before: it’s basically a way of taking the many free bets offered by the bookies and turning them into real money you can withdraw from your bookie account.

Now, with these bets there’s normally all sorts of strings attached that mean you’re very unlikely to ever make a profit…

But I’ve come up with a way to get around those Terms & Conditions:

So when you next see an offer that says “bet £25 and get a free £50 bet”, you’ll be able to do the offer and walk away at least £30 in profit.

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of all the offers that are out there at the moment for my members…

And for each one I’ve put together a list of simple steps you can follow to bag a guaranteed profit from each of them.

Plus, I’m constantly updating that list whenever I spot a new offer that’s worth doing – so there’s always new offers you can use to bag more guaranteed profits whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

And that’s basically what I want to show you today:

I’ve prepared a worked example that will take you through the process step by step, so you can see exactly how it works… and so you’ll be able to go out and do it yourself.

You’ll see how you can find an offer, place a couple of bets and lock in a guaranteed profit no matter what – and all in just 15 or so minutes.

But before that, I’d like to briefly stress how simple this is…

Because I’m certain if someone came up to me on the street and said there was a way to extract bookie offers (which can be as large as £500) straight into my bank, I’d think there must be a some kind of catch.

But you’ve already seen how many of my readers are pocketing over £1,000 a month doing this… and heard them talking about how incredibly easy it is.

That’s because it is easy.

It’s perfectly legal too. In fact, a spokesman for William Hill has indicated that the betting industry has no problem with matched betting.

("There's no illegal element," William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe told The Telegraph in 2010. "It's a free bet and you can do what you like.")

Best of all, it’s so effective that some of my followers (like Peter here) have actually lost count of how much they’ve made:

And right now, I’m going to show you how it works…

It barely even matters what bet you place – by following this simple formula, you’re guaranteed a profit no matter what happens

As I say, you’ll profit from this even if the bet you place with your bookie doesn’t go your way – you’ll walk away with a tidy profit no matter what happens.

In a way, that’s the key to this whole approach…

Because for each bonus on offer, I show my members what bets to place to ensure that, no matter what: YOU CAN’T LOSE.

And you can do it all in just two simple steps:

Each step involves exactly the same process…

But because the second time you do it you’re betting with the ‘free bet’ the bookie has given you: you’re guaranteed a profit.

Again, if you decide to join my service, I’ll provide simple step-by-step guides to profiting from all the best bookie bonuses out there…

So you can just follow a few simple steps and bag a string of guaranteed profits in no time at all.

(Not all bonuses are worth your time, but that’s not something you’ll have to worry about as a member. I’ll pick out all the most lucrative offers for you, so you don’t have to spend ages searching through them all, deciding which ones are worth doing.)

But remember, you’ll be able to go out and do this even if you decide my service isn’t for you – simply using the matched betting walkthrough I’ll provide in this very report.

Hopefully, now you’ve seen that there’s only two steps in the matched betting process, you can see how easy it really is to profit from this:

And that’s all there is to it.

Next, I’ll show you what to do at each step – so you can start doing this yourself to extract £25, £50 or even £500 profits from the bookies whenever you want…

Just like Jason Shearer, who made a tax-free £770 in one month while researching matched betting for a feature in The Guardian.

Jason Shearer's Guardian feature on making money from free bets (24/7/2010)

He decided to try matched betting for himself to see if you really can bag guaranteed profits from risk-free betting – and he was not disappointed.

Right now, I’ll show you how to do the same…

So you can bag guaranteed, risk-free profits month in, month out – for years to come….

Just like Andrew, who used this technique and others I'll show you to make £11,408 in five months:

Of course, Andrew had a little help from me and my 3,000 members, but that’s not essential.

In fact, once you’ve looked through this next section you’ll have everything you need to profit from bookie bonuses…

Once you’ve seen how simple this next step is, you’re going to want to go out and claim your first GUARANTEED £25, £50 or even £500 right away

Having read this far, you already know almost everything you need to do this:

You’ve seen that this works by taking advantage of the endless stream of £25, £50 and even £500 free bets the bookies are just giving away…

You’ve seen that once you’ve claimed your free bet without risking your own money, you can place a bet with that free money and bag a guaranteed profit

And you’ve seen how I’m helping over 3,000 people just like you bag £400-£1,000 every single month from this simple, risk-free approach.

So now, there’s just one piece of the puzzle to go…

And once I’ve shown it to you, you’ll kick yourself.

I mean, it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

But it’s the key to all of this…

Because this is how you claim your free bet without risking any of your hard earned cash…

And it’s how you guarantee that £25, £50 or even £500 free bet comes off and lands you a profit no matter what.

And, here’s how it works:

To claim your free bet from your bookie, there will be some Terms & Conditions – you might need to bet £25 to get your free £50 bet, for example.

So the first step will be to place a ‘back bet’ with your bookie to qualify for your free bet.

You might bet £25 backing England to win their next game, for example.

But of course, if you stopped there you’d be risking £25 – and that’s no good.

After all, this is a RISK-FREE approach to betting.

So next, you do something very clever.

You see, once you’ve placed a ‘back bet’ with your bookie…

You then ‘lay’ that bet on an exchange like Betfair.

(If you haven’t got a Betfair account at the moment, it only takes a few minutes to set one up. I know filling in forms can be a bit of a faff, but trust me – it’s well worth it.)

Unlike traditional bookies, Betfair lets you place 'lay' bets

In case you’ve not heard of ‘lay betting’ before: it basically involves betting that something won’t happen.

So here, you’d bet with your bookie that England will win… and then on Betfair you’d bet that they won’t.

With the right stakes, you can cover every possible outcome – and so you can take all the risk out of your wager.

Once England have played, you’ll break even no matter what.

(Full disclosure: worst case scenario, you could lose a couple of quid here. But if you’ve done everything right, it won’t be much...)

And no matter what happens, you’ll also get that FREE £50 to play with.

Don’t worry about what stakes to use for your lay bet right now. In a second, I’ll run through an example of a matched bet, so you could go and use the same method today, and show you how to quickly calculate and place your own lay bets.

But there’s one vital step left to go first…

Because now you have your free £50 bet, you have to convert it into pure profit.

Remember, the key to this is making sure you never risk any of your own money

So now you simply repeat the matched betting process:

Place your free £50 back bet with your bookie… lay it on Betfair… and you’re done.

No matter what, you’ll bag a guaranteed profit.

(You generally won’t get your stake back on your free bet… but you’ll still walk away with nearly £30 pure profit.)

Now, I said at the start of this report that I’d show you everything you need to go out and do this for yourself – and I’m sure now you’ve seen how it’s done you can’t wait to bag your first guaranteed profit

So to make absolutely sure you can go out and do this yourself, I’m going to show you a worked example of a risk-free bet – so you can go out right away and bag your first profit.

You’ll see exactly what to do at every stage, so you can quickly and easily do this yourself…

Including how to quickly work out the best stakes to use for your lay bet with Betfair.

But if you’re interested in potentially making £400-£1,000 a month from this, there’s something else I’d like to show you first…

Because the technique I’ve outlined in this report is just one of many ways I help my 3,000 members profit from risk-free bets.

I want to show you how to cash in on FOUR distinct risk-free betting opportunities – and with my ongoing advice, you could easily bag an extra £400-£1,000 a month, tax-free

As I say, claiming free bets from the bookies is just one of the ways you can cash in on risk-free betting.

I’ve actually devised FOUR proven techniques for claiming guaranteed betting profits at absolutely no risk…

And if you decide to join my service, you’ll get access to all four of them.

Remember, I’m not going to ask for a penny from you today…

But if you’d like to access all four of my risk-free betting techniques, I’ll give you access to my service for 30 days, so you can see how everything works for yourself.

In that time, you’ll discover how to extract guaranteed profits from online casinos, bingo lounges, and even from the financial markets.

Just as I do with all the best matched betting offers, for each technique I’ll pick out the specific offers you should be doing for you…

And I’ll provide simple, step-by-step instructions you can follow to bag guaranteed profits.

Some of the risk-free approaches I’ll show you how to cash in on could bag you as much as £1,080 from a single offer – as you can see from this screenshot one of my members sent me:

A screenshot showing how one Profit Maximiser member
bagged £1,080 from a single risk-free casino offer

Now I wouldn’t necessarily advise putting your whole £30 free bet on Number 35… but it certainly does show you just how much you could stand to make by completing even ONE of the risk-free offers I’ll pick out for you.

(I’ve also picked out a few offers that might be worth doing if you like the occasional flutter. These are extremely low risk, but they’re just a bit of fun really – you can easily make £400-£1,000 a month just sticking with the risk-free bets.)

As I say, I already have over 3,000 people just like you using my service – which is called Profit Maximiser – to bag guaranteed profits.

Every single one of the Facebook comments you’ve seen in this exclusive report is taken from the private Profit Maximiser member’s group.

There’s literally 1,000s of comments in there from my legion of happy followers…

And if you decide to join them today, I’ll show you how to bag £400-£1,000 from all four kinds of risk-free betting.

You’ll discover:

Plus, you’ll get access to my Profit Maximiser Facebook Group.

It’s got over 3,000 members these days, and they’re constantly posting all the great new bookie offers they come across on there – like this one Ray posted just the other day:

Honestly, I’ve got so many members now, they’re finding even more risk-free bookie offers than I am…

So I can’t stress enough what a valuable tool this Facebook Group has grown into.

(Plus, there’s a few real characters in our little community – they’re a good bunch, and I reckon you’ll really enjoy getting to know everyone.)

But that’s not all…

Because I’ve also created a unique ‘betting calendar’ you can use to track all of the risk-free daily offers churned out by the bookies.

This is an incredibly useful tool – and one that I’m particularly proud of.

I was chatting with Matt Houghton about Profit Maximiser recently, and he told me he makes a good £80 a week from the calendar alone.

"I make £80 a week from the Profit Maximiser betting calendar alone…"

Dear Reader,

My name's Matt Houghton.

I'm a professional sports bettor and the editor of Betting Rant, my very own free sports betting newsletter.

I’ve been using Profit Maximiser ever since Mike first launched it back in early 2013…

And I honestly can’t speak highly enough about the service he provides.

If you’ve done Bonus Bagging, you’ll already know that Mike’s risk-free betting strategies deliver the goods…

But this service is something else.

I mean, the betting calendar alone makes me a good £80 a week.

Plus, the bingo offers take about five minutes each, so most days I’ll nab a couple of £5-£25 pay-outs from them as well…

And they’re not even the meat of the service.

Once you factor in the great sports betting offers Mike hunts out for you, it’s easy to see how so many people are making over £1,000 a month from Profit Maximiser.

I use Profit Maximiser every day to bag easy risk-free betting profits, and if you’re not doing the same already: you’re missing out.

I’d definitely recommend claiming a risk-free trial of Mike’s service as soon as you can.

Best wishes,

Matt Houghton
Editor, Betting Rant

And that’s just ONE of the ‘profit maximising’ tools you’ll get access to as a member of my service.

As you’ve just seen, if you decide to sign up to Profit Maximiser today, you’ll get access to FOUR proven risk-free betting techniques…

AND you’ll get access to the many offers my members post in our Facebook Group every day…

AND you’ll be able to use my unique betting calendar to bag as much as £80 a week taking advantage of the great daily offers I’ll hunt down for you.

So I’m sure you can see that there’s easily enough offers out there to potentially make £400-£1,000 a month from risk-free betting

And that by joining Profit Maximiser you’ll get instant access to all the most lucrative offers out there – so you won’t have to spend hours searching them out yourself.

Already, you should be able to see how much time and effort I save my members with Profit Maximiser

That’s really important, because once you know how to do each of these four risk-free opportunities, the only thing that might hold you back is finding the time to do them.

Plus, by making it incredibly quick and easy to profit from these risk-free approaches, Profit Maximiser will allow you to make at least £400-£1,000 a month doing this.

And I don’t just find all the best risk-free offers for you – I’ll also show you how to cash in on them extremely quickly, by following just a few simple steps…

I’ll do all the hard work for you, so you just need to click a few buttons and wait for the guaranteed profits to roll into your account…

I’m sure by this stage, there’s no doubt in your mind:

This works.

You’ve seen that the bookies are dishing free £25, £50 and even £500 free bets out left, right and centre…

And you’ve seen exactly how you can convert those bonuses and free bets into pure profit with risk-free matched betting – and pocket as much as £1,080 from a single offer.

Plus, you’ve seen how my 3,000 members are making a killing doing this – easily taking home roughly £400-£1,000 a month.

And you’ve seen how YOU could be too.

Fact is, as a Profit Maximiser member you could easily pocket £400-£1,000 a month, simply by completing a few matched bets each week.

And even if you decide not to get your name down to try my service today, you’ll still be able to go out and place your own risk-free bets using the method I lay out in this very report.

As part of my walkthrough in a second, I’ll show you how to calculate the stakes for your lay bets…

And I’ll also show you a little trick so you can turn each bonus into cash in just a few minutes. (If you stick to betting on football, you might have to wait a few days for the games to be played – but by doing this, you’ll be able to cash out almost straight away.)

So in fact, the main thing that’ll take you a bit of time doing this on your own is finding the best offers to cash in on, and deciding which bets to place.

There’s £10,000s of great offers out there just waiting to be claimed by canny punters like you or me…

But as I say, there’s also a heap of rubbish offers that aren’t worth your time.

And for every offer there’ll be a separate (and slightly different) set of Terms & Conditions to take into account.

No one really wants to spend hours sifting through them all to find the good ones and work out the best way to profit from them.

So a big part of what I do with Profit Maximiser is find the good ones for you…

And show you in plain English how to quickly profit from each of them.

Plus, I’ve created a series of video examples of each risk-free approach – so all you need to do is watch the me claim a few risk-free profits, and then copy me exactly.

That saves you the hassle of doing everything yourself…

And will mean you can focus on quickly converting all the big £25, £50 and even £500 bookie bonuses into cold, hard cash.

That’s a how my 3,000 members bag regular £400-£1,000 monthly profits from this – members like this chap, who made £1,300 this January alone:

Imagine what you could do with that kind of money coming in.

Obviously he spent his on a new road bike and a few bits to put a smile on his wife’s face…

But you could just as easily use it to pay for a few short breaks sightseeing around Europe… or to refurnish your house and kit the living room out with a lovely new flat screen telly…

Or you could even just sit on it, and watch as it builds into a sizeable nest egg for you and your family.

Ultimately, what you do with your monthly, tax-free £400-£1,000 is up to you…

All that matters is that as a member of my service, you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up that extra income stream thanks to my ongoing risk-free betting advice.

But now you’ve heard a bit more about what my service has to offer, let’s look at that walkthrough of how to place a risk-free bet with your bookie…

Because as I say, even if you decide not to try my service today, using this report you’ll still be able to go out and bag a few tidy profits placing your own risk-free bets.

After this final section, you’ll know exactly how to claim a risk-free bet, lay it on Betfair and bag a guaranteed profit – all in just a few minutes.

You’ve already seen just how easy it is to profit from risk-free betting – and now, you have everything you need to go out and bag your own guaranteed £25, £50 or £500 profits

Now you’ve seen the theory behind this…

And grasped how easy it really is…

There’s just two things left to show you:

Again, it’s really simple to do each of these…

But there’s a few little tricks I’d like to share with you that could really boost your profits.

So right now, I’ll go through my risk-free betting walkthrough with you – and as I do, I’ll cover each of these points in turn.

At this stage, you can probably guess the first few steps based on what you’ve read already:

Once you’ve set your Betfair account up, the next step is to find a bookie offer to cash in on.

As I say, there’s a virtually endless supply of these on the Profit Maximiser website and in the Facebook Group.

So as a member, you’ll be able to just click through to the site and pick one from the list…

This offer is just one of hundreds of risk-free bets on the Profit Maximiser site

Like the “bet £50, get a £50 free bet” offer you can claim when you open an account with Betway.

Once you’ve got your offer, it’s time to place your ‘qualifying bet’ – the bet that will get you your free bonus.

This will work no matter what you actually bet on, but ideally you want to find a bet where the odds available with your bookie are as close to the odds going on Betfair as possible.

As a Profit Maximiser member, this will be easy with most bookmakers…

Because you’ll have access to odds matching software you can use to find the best odds in seconds.

Simply filter by your chosen bookie, and it will pick out all the most closely matched odds available that day, and show you exactly what bets to place for each one.

Better yet, it automatically generates links you can click to quickly place those bets.
But if you’d rather look for what to bet on manually, here’s a few pointers:

For this example, I’ve picked a football match between Newcastle and Manchester United. (But when you do this yourself, any match or race will do the trick.)

I’ll back Manchester on Betway with odds of 1.9 and lay that same bet with Newcastle at 1.94:

Now we know what we’re betting on, it’s time to calculate your lay stake.

With Profit Maximiser to help you, this will be incredibly easy – my risk-free betting software will find the best value bets and work out your stakes for you

No one likes doing maths when they don’t have to…

And as I say, I aim to make risk-free betting as quick and easy as possible for you, so you can cash in bookie bonuses in no time at all

And pocket a tidy, tax-free £400-£1,000 a month in the process.

That’s why I created the Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Calculator.

As a member, you’ll be able to use this thing to calculate all your stakes.

It’ll do all the maths for you…

So all you have to do is enter a few numbers and hit ‘Calculate’.

And as you can see, it makes calculating your lay stakes incredibly quick and easy:

(If you prefer, you can find a similar calculator online.)

In our worked example the bet amount is £50, the back odds are 1.9 and the lay odds are 1.94.

As you’re laying your bet with Betfair, they’ll take a 5% commission – so type ‘5’ into the ‘Lay Commission’ box to account for it.

Finally, this is your qualifying bet – so make sure you have ‘Qualifier’ selected next to ‘Bet Amount’.

Once you’ve done that, just hit ‘Calculate’…

And in this case, it’ll say your lay stake should be £50.26.

Next you just place your back and lay bets…

And after the game, your £50 free bet will be credited to your account.

Remember, you might lose a few pence at this stage – but it’s well worth it for that free £50 bet.

Once your free £50 is in your account, simply repeat the process (selecting the ‘Stake Not Returned’ button this time) to bag a guaranteed profit.

Again, as a Profit Maximiser member, this will be easy:

  1. You’ll use my odds matching software to find the best bet to place – this time you should look for odds of 4.0 or higher to maximise the profit potential 
  2. You’ll quickly enter the new bet amount, back odds and lay odds into my odds calculator – and it’ll tell you the lay stake, and  exactly what your profit will be

And that’s all there is to it.

Place your bets, and no matter what:

You’ll end up with around £35 pure profit in your account after the game.

Then, you can withdraw that £35 and it’ll go straight into your bank.

So now we’ve gone through a detailed walkthrough of how to do this, I hope you can see just how easy it really is to bag guaranteed profits from risk-free betting…

But don’t worry if you’re still not totally clear on exactly WHY this works.

Remember, I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions for each bookie offer out thereso it almost doesn’t matter why this works

Just follow the simple steps I spell out and you WILL make money.

Plus, if you decide to try out Profit Maximiser today I’ll show you THREE MORE ways to cash in on risk-free betting – and some of them are even simpler than this ‘matched betting’ approach.

What’s more if you have any questions at all, you can always reach me by email…

I’ll be right by your side every step of the way, so if you’re ever unsure about what the best way to bag a guaranteed profit is: I’ll be there to help you

Once you’ve seen how quick and easy I’ve made everything for you on the Profit Maximiser site, I’m confident you’ll have no trouble pocketing a tax-free £400-£1,000 a month from the bookies.

As well as providing simple, step-by-step instructions for every single bookie offer on the site, so you can quickly go through them and extract the £25, £50 and even £100 profits…

I’ve created a series of video tutorials and walkthroughs you can always turn to if you’re ever unsure about what to do next.

But if you’d prefer to put your questions to me directly, I’ll give you my personal email – so you can reach me whenever you want.

I pride myself on delivering an extremely personal customer service…

And I respond to most emails within a couple of hours.

On a busy day it might take a little longer to get back to you… but even then, I guarantee you’ll never have to wait more than 24 hours for a response.

As I say, if you get your name down to try out my service today, I’ll send you my personal email address so you can reach me if you ever need any advice…

And you’ll also get access to the Profit Maximiser Facebook Group.

We’re all out to help each other grab as many risk-free profits from the bookies as possible, and so it’s always a good idea to raise any questions you have in the Facebook Group – someone will usually get back to you in no time with the answer.

So basically, if you get your name down to trial Profit Maximiser risk-free today, you’ll have no trouble bagging your first £400-£1,000 in the next 30 days

And if after your trial you decide to stay on as a full member, you can look forward to that extra £400-£1,000 every single month – for years to come.

Now, at the start of this report, I said I wouldn’t be asking for a penny from you today…

And I meant it.

My members each pay £197 a year for their ongoing Profit Maximiser membership…

And considering you can expect to bag £10,000s in that time, I think that’s a fair price.

But as I say, I’m not going to ask you for £197 today.

Instead, I want to offer you a 30-day, risk-free trial of the full Profit Maximiser service.

That way, you’ll be able to access everything and see for yourself how easily you can make £400-£1,000 a month with my ongoing help and support.

You won’t have to part with a penny today – simply get your name down for a risk-free trial, and you could easily bag your first £400-£1,000 in the next 30 days

This is a very limited offer…

And if it proves too popular I’ll have to shut it down.

But as I say, if you get your name down today you can try the full Profit Maximiser service for the next 30 days absolutely risk-free.

You’ll get access to:

What’s more, during your risk-free trial, you’ll have all the support you need to start pocketing regular risk-free profits using Profit Maximiser:

That means you’ll have everything you need to start bagging a tax-free £400-£1,000 every single month – just like Rob, who’s enjoyed a couple of extra holidays already, thanks to Profit Maximiser:

And best of all, if you get your name down today you won’t have to part with a penny to try all this for yourself.

That’s right – not a single penny.

You can start doing this today, and cash in on as many risk-free bets as you like for the next 30 days…

And if at any time you decide it’s not for you, just let me know and no money will ever leave your account.

Of course, I’m confident once you’ve seen how easy Profit Maximiser makes it to generate £400-£1,000 a month from risk-free betting, you’ll want to stay on as a full member – just like Mike, who’s made £4,000 already:

But I think it’s important the option’s there, just in case.

And of course, everything you make during that 30-day trial is yours to keep, whatever you decide.

You could make £3,000 in that time, and as long as you let me know you’d like to cancel your account before the trial ends, you can – no questions asked.

If you’re happy with everything after your 30-day trial is up, I’ll make you a full member…

And as a special welcome gift, I’ll give you 50% off your first year’s membership.

So if you pay via Direct Debit, you’ll get a full 12 months’ worth of risk-free bets for just £97. (If you'd prefer to pay by credit card, you can but it's slightly more expensive at £127. That said the payment will still be delayed.)

In that time, I reckon you could easily make £12,000…

But as you’ve seen in this report, some of my members are on track to make double that in their first year – like Andrew, who’s made £11,408 in just five months:

So realistically, you could be looking at up to £24,000 pure profit in your first year alone.

I honestly believe this is the most lucrative extra income opportunity there is.

I mean, you won’t find anything else out there that could genuinely make you £24,000 in a single year.

And yet, you’ve seen in this very report that profits like that are very achievable with Profit Maximiser.

So now you’ve seen just how simple bagging guaranteed betting profits can be, I hope you’ll try my service for yourself, risk-free for the next 30 days.

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Now you’ve seen exactly how one of my four risk-free approaches works, you should be able to see why so many of my members are making over £1,000 a month with Profit Maximiser.

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Mike Cruikshank
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