BOOKIE INSIDER REVEALS ALL: Experienced bookie, paid peanuts and bullied by his loud-mouthed bosses, decides it's time for PAYBACK:




that can turn a single £10 bet into £781… just don’t tell my ex-bosses…”

After compiling millions of odds for one of the biggest bookies in the country, I uncovered a ‘blindspot’ that could pocket you MASSIVE profits like £781, £480, and £937 every single week…

Just look how much money it’s made for the handful of trustworthy punters I’ve already shared it with…

“The bookies are truly blind… my winnings have paid for a super duper Cruise for 2 on Cunard!” – Simon

"What can I say? I have just backed my biggest priced winner ever, all sport and racing included. Absolutely fantastic.” – Andrew

"I am showing an overall profit of £3,913 backing all the bets." – Ian

Now's your chance to join them… BUT because my ex-bosses CANNOT find out about this 'blindspot' (they'd shut it down in a flash), I can only share it with 100 trustworthy people today...

Dear Friend and Confidant,

We both know the bookies wouldn’t think twice about taking every penny out of your pocket…

Hell, every penny in your bank account!

So now it’s time for a little PAYBACK.

Today I'm going to show you how to play the bookies at their own game...

Because I’m EXPOSING the ‘blindspot’ built into their systems that could turn a single £10 bet into £781, £480, or even £937.

How do I know?

Because I was an odds compiler for one of the biggest bookies in the country for thirty years.

It was my job, day in day out, to work out the odds for every single sport and type of bet you can think of.

Football… basketball, horse racing… singles… doubles… each-way bets…. accumulators… you name it, I programmed the odds for it.

That’s how I uncovered this ‘blindspot’.

And here’s the best thing…

It’s pre-programmed into every bookie’s system in the country.

And right now, they’re COMPLETELY unaware of it.

Just imagine walking into your favourite betting shop, or logging onto their website and turning a tiny £10 stake into £937…

It’s like putting on a balaclava and raiding the bookie’s bank vaults over and over again…

They won’t see you coming until it’s too late!

Better yet, I’m positive ANYONE can do this.

In fact, I’ve recently shared this secret with a handful of trustworthy punters.

Simon made so much money from the ‘bookie blindspot’ it’s paid for a cruise for him and his partner:

“The bookies are truly blind… my winnings have paid for a super duper Cruise for 2 on Cunard!” – Simon

Andrew used it to back his biggest priced winner ever – that’s across every sport out there:

"What can I say? I have just backed my biggest priced winner ever, all sport and racing included. Absolutely fantastic.” Andrew

And Ian is already up £3,913 thanks to this secret:

"I am showing an overall profit of £3,913 backing all the bets." Ian

Now I’m sharing it with YOU.

That’s if you get your name down today.

You see, even though this 'blindspot' is completely legal and above board, my ex-bosses CANNOT find out about it.

They’d close this loophole down in a flash!

After all, it’s losing them hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash every month.

That’s why I can only reveal this ‘blindspot’ to 100 people today.

And here’s the important thing: if you manage to grab one of those places, I’m going to make sure that you profit from this. I’ll personally send you the exact ‘blindspot’ bets you need to make each week.

Simply follow my instructions (it’s just like placing a normal bet) and you could pocket returns like £540, £480, or even £937. 

It’s that simple.

But to make sure you secure one of those 100 spots, you must respond to me ASAP.

They’re not going to last long.

The profit potential here is off the charts…

Use this ‘blindspot’ to pocket returns like £781, £480, and £937 from any bookie in the country

It’s a simple fact:

There are 8,990 bookie shops on UK high streets…
360 online bookmakers…

And you can walk into any one of them this week, lay down a £10 bet… and walk out with gains like £781, £480, or £937…

That’s because this ‘blindspot’ is built into ALL of their systems.

It’s a universal weakness.

That means that whatever bookmakers you walk into…

Or whatever bookmaker’s website you log onto online…

This ‘blindspot’ already exists there… waiting for you to take advantage of it…

And when you do a simple £10 could turn into gains like £781, £480, and £937.

There’s no magic here.

No complicated trickery.

Just a simple £10 bet…

And a pay-out of £250-£950.

Now obviously not every bet is a winner (we don’t have a crystal ball after all!) but at these odds they don’t have to be…

For example, on the day of the £937 winner we actually had nine selections and these were the results:

Loser -10
Winner +36
Loser -10
Loser -10
Winner +937
Loser -10
Loser -10
Loser -10
Winner +97

As you can see, we actually had more losers than winners that day, yet just one winning ‘blindspot bet’ at £97 would have given us an overall profit…

And the end result of three winning ‘blindspot bets’ on the day gave us a HUGE overall profit of £1010 to £10 stakes!

As I say, this is your chance to get some PAYBACK on the bookies.

And revenge is going to be sweet…

You’ll wipe that smug smile off the bookie’s face and walk out with thousands of pounds of their cash!

Picture this…

You walk into your local bookies…

They give you a smug smile thinking you’re just another punter about to lose your hard-earned dough…

Little do they know, you’ve got an ‘ace’ up your sleeve…

Thanks to an anonymous tip you received earlier that day, you know exactly where the ‘blindspot’ in their systems is.

You give them a wink, place your bet…

And before you know it you walk out with £412 cash, just like we did on July 18th last year.

That’ll wipe the smile off their face!

That’s the power of knowing this ‘bookie blindspot’.

And the best thing is, because I’ll send you a simple step-by-step breakdown of each ‘blindspot bet’, there's so little effort involved.

Just spend a few minutes reading those instructions, then put on the bet – it’ll take you no more than 5 minutes.

Sure, sometimes the profits we make won’t be in the hundreds – to £10 stakes they have ranged from a few quid all the way up to £900+ over the last four years…

Some weeks we’ll have losing bets – like the first week in December 2017, when we had six losers and two winners for a small overall loss of £27.50.

And some weeks, the ‘blindspot’ simply won’t be open for a bet, that’s just the nature of this loophole…

But at other times, there might be three ‘blindspot bets’ in a single day!

Like Jon who had three winners in one day (plus one the week before):

“Thanks for last week's winner and the three winners today, which turned into a nice accumulator.

“I am a sceptical old bugger and was not expecting to show a profit but long may it continue. Off for a few days in Portugal, the first beer I shall toast to you.” – Jon

Cheers Jon!

Imagine pocketing the kind of huge profits I’ve been showing you three times in a single day!

Sure, it’d be a bit of anomaly, but it could happen – just like it did for Jon.

What would you spend that money on?

You could save it up as a little rainy-day fund… or if you’d prefer to spend it, pay for a few days away sipping beers on a beach in Portugal, like Jon… or you could really treat yourself and get a Jacuzzi in your back garden – your neighbours would be seriously jealous!

Fact is this could be the easiest money you’ll ever make.

And trust me when I say this money really adds up…

It’s like winning with the underdog on the Grand National… every single week

Look, if we keep this loophole between you and me, and my small ‘inner circle’…

Then we can keep tapping these profits… well, forever!

After all, we’ve already been taking advantage for four years and counting…

And those profits seriously add up over the long-term.

For example, let’s just see what would happen with one winning ‘blindspot’ bet per week…

Just one winning £10 stake on the ‘bookie blindspot’ a week could return you £781, £480, or £937…

By the end of the month, even if you had, say, 10 losing ‘blindspot’ bets (like we had in December 2017) in addition to winners at those odds that’s a healthy £1,820-£3,648!

Hell, if you’d put a tenner on every single winner on the Grand National for the last ten years, you’d still have only seen a profit of £3,270.

In other words, this could be like picking the winner of the Grand National… every single week!

Now let’s think a little further into the future…

Because, if you kept banking those kind of profits every month (taking into account losers too, remember), in one year’s time you could increase your starting pot by well over 100%.

Just imagine for a moment that mountain of cash sitting in your bank account.

And that’s on the lower end of potential profits!

If the ‘blindspot’ really treated us well, with high pay-out after high-payout, in just one year’s time you could be sat on a small fortune.

That’s with just one winning £10 bet a week…

For a potential return of…


This is the kind of silly money usually reserved for the bookies themselves!

But now, by using the ‘bookie blindspot’, you could put thousands of pounds of their money in YOUR back pocket on a regular basis.

Of course, that’s a best case scenario but just take a look at how much profit you’d have made with a starting bank of 50 points had you been following the ‘blindspot bets’ since 2014…

2014: Return on Capital +533.48%
2015: Return on Capital +270.84%
2016: Return on Capital -47.2%
2017: Return on Capital +246.14%
Overall: Return on Capital +961.67%

All of that means that if you’d been following the ‘blindspot bets’ since the start, your initial capital would have grown by nearly 1000% EVEN with a losing period.

And here’s the really crazy thing…

The profits you could see thanks to this ‘blindspot’ could be even bigger

This ‘blindspot’ can even turn a single £10 bet into £102,050…

On 23rd of May, I tipped my ‘blindspot bets’ to my ‘inner circle’.

There were a few losers among them, sure, but there were also two winners…

And if you’d had lumped these bets together you could have seen a HUGE double win.

Just like my member Vic spotted:

"This guy is a wizard! A 10,205/1 cross- transatlantic double!!" – Vic

That means you could have turned a tiny £1 stake into £10,205!

Just imagine that for a moment…

Taking that £1 coin that’s been hiding down the back of your sofa forever and turning it into over ten thousand pounds… all thanks to this ‘blindspot’.

And how about if you’d staked a little more?

A small £10 stake would have brought home an incredible £102,050 – enough to buy a two-bedroom house in some parts of the country!

And a £100 stake… well, I’ll let you do the maths!

Now, of course this isn’t an everyday occurrence. It’s not even likely.

I’m just showing you the kind of opportunities this ‘bookie blindspot’ can open up for you.

Most of the time we’ll be pocketing bread and butter ‘blindspot’ returns like £781, £480, or £937.

I’d say that’s just fine for most people.

And my members agree…

You’ve already seen how I helped Simon pay for a cruise for two:

“The bookies are truly blind… my winnings have paid for a super duper Cruise for 2 on Cunard!” – Simon

How I helped Andrew back his biggest priced winner ever:

"What can I say? I have just backed my biggest priced winner ever, all sport and racing included. Absolutely fantastic.” Andrew

And how I helped Ian pocket a whopping £3,913:

"I am showing an overall profit of £3,913 backing all the bets." Ian

But many more of the small group of ordinary people I’m helping are thankful for my ‘blindspot’ insights too.

Anthony is happy with his three ‘blindspot’ pay-outs in just two weeks:

“Absolutely fantastic tipping 125/1, 80/1, 28/1 winners and 125/1 place last two weeks. Amazing. Big thanks”

Colin is seriously impressed with a big return on a small £10 stake:

“Wow! What can I say… I got 90/1 for a £10 ew bet with bet365 which was jolly nice. Thank you.”

And Barrie got on a ‘blindspot bet’ late in the day and still walked away with 80/1 odds:

“Sadly:-D:-D:-D, I "only" got on at 81.0… Tonight's pints should go down well!” – Barrie

Enjoy those pints Barrie!

In a moment I’ll show you how you can join these guys and start tapping this ‘bookie blindspot’ for profits of your own.

But first you must be wondering exactly who I am…

I worked for ‘the dark side’ for thirty years… now it’s time for PAYBACK

For obvious reasons, I can’t give you my name right now.

If my ex-bosses get wind of this ‘blindspot’ I’m sharing with you today, they’ll shut down this loophole in a matter of seconds.

And the rest of the country’s bookies will follow suit when they hear the news.

So just call me The Insider for now.

But what I can tell you is that this ‘blindspot’ has completely turned my life around.

A few years ago, I was working as an odds compiler for one of the biggest bookies in the country.

And I hated it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love betting as much as the next punter.

But I was working all the hours god sends… being paid peanuts for my efforts… and my bosses were big know-it-all types who didn’t deserve the inflated paycheques they were taking home.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

Anyway, enough of the sob story. Point is, after I discovered this ‘blindspot’, that all changed.

I realised I could use it to make WAY MORE money than they were paying me.

So, I left and haven’t looked back since.

Nowadays, thanks to this ‘blindspot’, I live far more comfortably than I ever thought possible.

I have a large house in a remote part of the UK.

I go on holiday whenever I feel like it – most recently to Las Vegas.

And it’s all thanks to this ‘bookie blindspot’.

Now, I’m not telling you any of this to brag.

I’m telling you because today it’s YOUR turn.

You really can start pocketing huge sums of cash at the bookies expense.

And it’s this ‘bookie blindspot’ that’s going to do it for you…

REVEALED: The bookie-beating ‘blindspot’ that could pocket youthousands

Now you might still be sceptical that you can tap this ‘blindspot’ for pay-outs like £781, £480, or £937.

And that’s good.

That means you’re switched on and you want to know the full details before you take the plunge – exactly the type of person I want in my ‘inner circle’.

So, you’re wondering exactly what this 'blindspot' is…

Well, I can tell you, it’s not taking advantage of free bookie bets…

It’s not matched betting or arbitrage betting…

And you don’t have to bet on ice skaters in Azerbaijan, or anything like that!

None of these can even sniff at the profit potential of what I’m about to show you.

This is the real deal.

A bookie loophole that only I know the full details of, because I discovered it working on the inside.

Let me be clear: it’s completely legal.

It’s simply an oversight on the part of every single bookie out there.

As I say, there’s no magic here.

It’s just simple maths built into their systems.

The algorithms they all share miss this certain niche of bets – I know because I programmed thousands of odds every single day.

And amongst all those numbers and statistics I spotted a pattern that kept popping up over and over again.

You see, this pattern showed that there are a certain group of completely mispriced odds for us to take advantage of every single week

Odds like 125/1, 75/1, 150/1… sitting there waiting to hand you pay-outs like £781, £480, or £937 on a regular basis.

Right, OK, you’ve waited long enough.

So, what exactly is this ‘blindspot’ we’ll be profiting from so handsomely?

Here’s how it works…

The secret niche completely overlooked by bookies

So, what’s the secret?

Why does this ‘blindspot’ allow you to pocket thousands of pounds on mispriced odds?

And how have the bookies overlooked it?

Obviously, I can’t reveal the full details here.

You’ll have to join my trusted ‘inner circle’ for that.

But I can reveal some key details…

You see, this ‘blindspot’ can pocket you payouts like £781, £480, and £937 because it focuses on a certain overlooked niche of betting.

In fact, I’d say this niche is COMPLETELY overlooked by bookmakers.

And there’s a very good reason for that…

Apart from not being a ‘mainstream’ betting angle (most punters won’t have even thought about this).

This niche is notoriously hard to price, because of the number of variables involved.

As I say, when I was working for ‘the dark side’, I was expected to compile thousands of odds a day.

Simply put, the bookies don’t have the man hours to analyse and price this niche properly.

And that’s great news for us.

As you’ve seen, we’ll be hitting their ‘blindspot’ to pocket profits like £781, £480, or £937 whenever we can

And in one year’s time you could have increased your starting pot by a whopping 533%.

In fact, I’m so confident that you can make money from this, I’m laying down a ‘challenge’ for you…

Put my ‘blindspot bets’ to the test completely obligation-free for the next 30 days

Look, I get it.

There are a lot of so-called ‘gurus’ out there promising bookie-shattering secrets.

I know because I worked in the business for years.

And I can tell you, bookies usually laugh off most of these jokers, because they know they’re full of hot air and not much else!

But this is different.

The ‘blindspot’ I’m sharing with you today comes from a real insider.

I discovered it on the inside, compiling millions of odds… seeing the same pattern occurring day after day… the same opportunity to pocket you returns like £781, £480, or £937 again and again.

Let me be clear: This is the only way to consistently beat the bookies for potentially huge pay-outs.

And I don’t want you to miss out on that.

So, here’s what I’m going to do…

You’ve seen three of the huge pay-outs like £781, £480, and £937 you could collect on a regular basis…

You’ve seen how you could have increased your starting pot by a whopping 533% like we did in our first year.

And you’ve seen the raving messages from my insiders who are already profiting from this…

But I’m willing to go one step further to prove to you this works.

That’s why I want you to put me to the test completely obligation-free for the next 30-days.

That’s right, I’ll send you every single one of my ‘blindspot bets’ risk-free for the next 30 days.

Simply keep an eye on your inbox…

And when one of my ‘blindspot bets’ drops in, just open it up… follow the simple step-by step instructions to place a bet online, or at your local bookies it’ll take you just 5 minutes… and you could be set to pocket returns like £781, £480, or £937.

By the end of your 30-day obligation-free trial, you could be up £1,820-£3,648.

This is your chance to see exactly how much money this ‘bookie blindspot’ can make you.

And if you’re not happy with the results, let me know and I’ll refund every single penny of your subscription – no questions asked.

Why am I doing this?

Because I believe, given the freedom to try this out for yourself, you’ll want to stay in my ‘inner circle’.

In fact, you may soon be sending me a message singing my praises like Bill:

“I must congratulate you on the performance of your service over the 3 weeks I have been a member. I hope I am not putting a dampener on proceedings by saying that having tried many different tipping services over the years yours is the first that seems to work.” – Bill

As he says, this is the real deal.

And when you do get your name down, it’s important you know…

I’ll always be on the end of the line for you, helping you profit every step of the way

I know what it’s like trying to get help from faceless betting corporations.

Well, I’m a real person, like you!

As David was pleased to discover when we spoke on the phone:

"It was really nice to speak to you yesterday. You're one of the VERY FEW people who head up a company that I've actually spoken to !!!!!" – David

Point is, I’m dedicated to making this work for you.

I’ll be there helping you every step of the way to use this ‘bookie blindspot’ to pocket hefty profits like £781, £480, and £937.

Like my member Dan found out:

"The level of your customer service alone gives me a lot of confidence already." Dan

Grace is impressed with my up-front communication too:

"Thanks for the response. The level of customer care is refreshing. I shall make mention of it when I am on the betting forums." Grace

And Baz is thankful for my “honest approach”:

"I think your honest approach and fair terms to punters are what sets you aside from all the other tipsters out there, and the easy in, easy out subscriptions is something that really impresses me and I expect is the main reason many people continue to try your services." – Baz

Now is your chance to join these guys and start profiting from this ‘bookie blindspot’.

Here’s how to secure one of the 100 spots available today…

My offer to you: swap £99.40 for £3,748

What would you say if I offered you £3,648 in exchange for £99.40?

Because that’s exactly what I’m offering you today.

You might be expecting the price of 30 days’ worth of my ‘blindspot bets’ to be high, considering each one of them can pocket you gains like £781, £480, or £937.

But I wouldn’t say £99.40 is high.

I mean, that’s a tiny drop in the ocean of profits you could make over the next 30 days of your risk-free trial.

You could be sat on a small £1,820-£3,648 fortune!

Hell, your very first ‘blindspot bet’ could cover this modest amount – and then some!

Just like it did for my member Guy:

“Hi, most impressed with the first day of service and advice. Comfortably sitting on a tidy profit … Will definitely cover this month's fees and have a little left over.”Guy

But because I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you – the best deal you’ve ever seen – I’m going to do something extra special…


Get on board quickly today and I’ll give you a £55 FAST ACTION DISCOUNT.

That reduces the monthly rate to just £44.40 – a generous 56% discount.

Better yet, you’ll have that discounted price not only on your first month of receiving my ‘blindspot bets’, but every single month going forward.

That’s my guarantee if you act quickly to get your name down today.

Remember, you’ll get every single one of my ‘blindspot bets’ for the next 30 days (completely obligation-free)… each of which could pocket you gains like £781, £480, or £937.

You can’t say fairer than that.

There’s just one catch…

Only 100 spots in my ‘inner circle’ are available today

If you’ve always wanted to make serious money from betting, and stick one to the bookies in the process, then this is an absolute no-brainer…

Here’s why…

I’ve shown you repeatedly how anyone can use this ‘bookie blindspot’ to repeatedly pocket huge profits like £781, £480, or £937…

I’ve given you a generous £55 FAST ACTION DISCOUNT on my ‘blindspot bets’ – a discount which you’ll get every month you stay on the service…

And on top of all that I’ve placed the risk to deliver on my bold promises squarely on my shoulders with my 30-day obligation-free trial…

Remember, with my guarantee, I promise I’ll show you how simple it can be to pocket sums like £781, £480, or £937 using this ‘blindspot’ in the next 30 days – or I’ll give you a FULL refund.

With my 30-day risk-free guarantee, I’m promising to return every single penny of your subscription fee if you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever – no questions asked.

There’s just one catch…

Because my ex-bosses CANNOT find out about ‘blindspot’ (they’d shut it down in a flash), I can only share it with 100 trustworthy people today.

That means, if you want to be one of them, you need to act ASAP to secure your spot.

If you recognise the huge opportunity in front of you, and you want to start using this ‘blindspot’ to pocket £781, £480, or £937, then click the button below and let’s get started…

Best wishes,

The Insider

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